The Show Must Go On: So Says Chavez Of His Fake Revolution

September 1, 2012

I know, I know, Juan and Quico showed it, Daniel showed it, why bother?

Simple, it is another goodt example of the fake revolution. It confirms Chavez “The show mus go on” expression. It is all a show, greenhouses with huge signs in front. Chavez calling the land golden. Saying “This is socialism”. Inaugurating it on national TV. Saying this is how you build a revolution from the ground up:

Inside, nothing, dirt and overgrown bushes, no production, no greens, no corn, no pimentos.

Like the revolution, all fake.

The show must go on! Because that is all Chavez knows how to do, perform a show!

35 Responses to “The Show Must Go On: So Says Chavez Of His Fake Revolution”

  1. CharlesC Says:

    How many Venezuelans are living and working in Cuba? For that matter, how many in Nicaragua, in Ecuador, in Bolivia? They can go there -according to ALBA-spread the word everyone!
    Now, with MERCOSUR- add Brazil and Argentina- pack your bags and fo find those good jobs there!
    I seriously have a major complaint- Dilma Russouf said immediately after bringing Venezuela into MERCOSUR- our first big deal with Venezuela is
    buying large quantities of urea from Venezuela.
    Point is- Venezuela needs that urea and should be using it on land that is unproductive to produce food !!! Chavez -again-giving away the treasure of
    Can you say “loser” Chavez gets what he wants-Venezuelans lose.
    Whatever happened to those 1800 shoulder fired missiles and 92 tanks bought from Russia on credit from Russia by Chavez?

  2. Ira Says:

    Ironic how things always go full circle:

    You can find THOUSANDS of HIGHLY successful businesspeople in the U.S. who would chuck it all in a second to instead grow oregano and tomatoes. Granted, they would have money in the bank and houses mostly paid for, but the point is that micro-agricultural enterprises that feed the family and pay the bills are a very envied way to live in modern cultures.

    Your family is together as a FAMILY most of the day (you’re not commuting away from them), and the fruits of your labor truly ARE the fruits of your labor. Not under socialism of course, but you know what I mean.

    Just saying that even in industrialized nations, the prospect of the home farm is still pretty damn attractive. Can’t say I know how PROFITABLE it is, but from a romantic standpoint, it’s something a lot of people dream about.

    • CharlesC Says:

      My friend has one-I think they have 20 greenhouses-and his wife is from
      Thailand and they grow ‘asian’ vegetables. Do you know where Indiantown is? Land is very expensive, also.

      • Boca Condo King Says:

        Indiantown is about 50 60 miles Northwest of Palm Beach. Plenty of poor farmworkers, but a lot of money is made there and not just by the rich.

        I don’t know if it is a socialist thing or mass snobery, but here in the USA I see many people turn up thier noses at jobs that could pay the bills, but are too dirty….

  3. CharlesC Says:

    Two stupids bragging:(Chavez and Cabello)
    “El presidente de la República, Hugo Chávez, se comunicó vía telefónica enuna rueda de prensa del Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (Psuv), [Cabello]durante esta comunicación aprovechó para felicitar al pueblo venezolano por el éxito en el simulacro electoral, previo a las elecciones presidenciales del 7-O.

    El Mandatario afirmó que se encuentra “afinando sus estrategias” para las venideras elecciones, en las que disputa su reelección. Agregó que también se encuentra viendo que inventa, pues siempre ha sido un “inventor”

    “inventor” = liar, cheater in this case.

  4. Pedrop Says:

    As much as I hate the possibility maybe Chaves & Co. need to win the election.
    Venezuela needs to go down, rock bottom, hard landing cachapa free zone and the quicker the better.
    Maybe then when all rights, and coconuts, have gone will the Venezuelan take an interest in his being.
    And this thing about agriculture being low on the social scale ! That’s nearly as bad as democratically voting in an ex coup leading military man as President.

    So hopefully Capriles makes it on 7th October. But for how long ?

  5. GeronL Says:

    socialism is always fake

  6. Roger Says:

    Now we know that Chavez is also not an Agricultural Engineer amongst all his other alleged God given talents. He should have just passed out Tomato seeds or something.
    Those greenhouses remind me that most of the flowers at my supermarket (including orchids) come from Colombia. Hum

  7. VJ Says:

    The video clearly shows that the robolucion is at least 1400 tons of “pura paja” per year per 14 years !!!
    Like Capriles says: chachara y mas chachara.

  8. Isa Says:

    Yoyo: aqui lo unicomreal son los 18,000 muertos anuales

    • Roy Says:


      And for the dead, it isn’t a “show”. When the curtain comes down, they stay dead.

      Wake up and smell the coffee. This is real life we are talking about. Not some telenovela.

  9. CharlesC Says:

    YoYo must go! Great example of being “dead wrong”.
    Two I’s – go away and get some education.

  10. yoyo Says:

    Hate to break it to you guys, but most of the hospitals, schools, housing, farms, factories, etc built from scratch in Venezuela in the last 14 years are real.

    • Really? Hospitals in plural? New ones? Give me a % ove r existing hospitals? Same with schools. Factories? Iranauto? Nationalized factories? Sugar processing plants in Barinas which dont function? Tell me some, please!!!! Built from scratch?? What a joke, execpt for barrio adentro crappy modules 64% of which are closed, a dozen dispensarios which ate bigger, there is nothing in health care. In schools, less than 500, do you know how many there were when Chavez assumed power? I do.

    • kta Says:

      And most of those you list don’t work. I know I live here. They are buildings and signs. But many hospitals are without medicines, film for x-rays, qualified personnel. I know I am a doctor. My parent’s dog gets better health care in the States. Farm land expropriated and nothing growing 5 years later. Factories expropriated and production went down. Many workers are without contracts for years. I hate to break it to you. The revolution can’t be defended. That which isn’t fake is crap! And without maintenance it will all fall apart soon. It is a show and it will go on as long as Venezuelans are too stupid to stop it.

    • CharlesC Says:

      Yes, real -except in another country. Example- Uruguay-$10 mil hospital.

    • VJ Says:

      Hey yoyo……

      Check this video, you are going to like it !!! “El yoismo de Hugo Rafael”

    • Maria Says:

      Hospitals just like this one, right? Moron!

      Cancelan por escasez de reactivo operaciones en Hospital Uyapar
      01 de septiembre 2012

  11. deananash Says:

    “This is socialism.” You gotta love the perfect irony of that slogan. That should be the primary slogan of the opposition.

    A graph of the country’s murders, climbing relentlessly higher over the past 13 years, with a single voice over: “This is socialism.”

    A graph showing the number of housing units built prior to Chavez, and then his dismal record, with a single voice over: “This is socialism.”

    A graph showing government income and infrastructure investment prior to Chavez, and then Chavez, with a single voice over: “This is socialism.”

    Planeloads of money carted outside the country, with a single voice over: “This is socialism.”

    Free or subsidized oil for richer countries, including America, with a single voice over: “This is socialism.”


    This is beyond perfect, because it isn’t an attack on Chavez, it’s an attack on his beloved “socialism”.

  12. m_astera Says:

    Sidestepping the obvious politics, one big problem is that in Venezuela agriculture is considered the lowest of work, not even a profession. In most countries these greenhouses would be being used by someone, and growing a profitable crop. It isn’t hard to produce volume and quality with a setup like that. But who would do it, in Venezuela? Not many, simply because of the extreme low status of agriculture.

    • CharlesC Says:

      Hire some Peruvians, Bolivians, Nicaraguans etc. (no Cubans!)
      Just like they do in Chile and Ecuador, for example.
      I agree that many young Venezuelans do not want to work…esp. farming.

    • syd Says:

      Yes, ag is considered on the low end of the totem pole. But I think the perception could be turned around with some smart marketing.

      Take for instance this ‘greenhouse’ experiment. It is underutilized. Yet the few ‘compañer@s’ (perhaps recruited for show) that are working in greenhouse #3 demonstrate a lot of care in handling the fruits, so to speak, of their labors.

      A promotional spot could focus on that care, and it could use time-lapse videography to show the final results, perhaps have kids eat the produce with a big smile on their faces.

      In other words, what the efforts need is more marketing to show that this project is worthwhile, that involvement is enjoyable, and that the results are worth it. If this were the case, you’d soon see a few other people thinking that yes, this is a good idea, and they would flock to the greenhouses to work there.

      Having said the above, I don’t know about the financing and economics of these ‘casas’. That information, along with the simpler quantitative data I requested of Daniel, would be good to know.

      One thing is certain. Socialists can dream. But they haven’t got a clue about executing those dreams. For the most part.

      • CharlesC Says:

        Syd, I tried to get some investors together to make solar panels-actually-
        to assemble solar squares -for example 4-8-16 larger and smaller squares that would be assembled- the actual panels -coming from China or later made in VZ- and the frames built by my brother-in law’s co. and marketed by my nephew. Everyone was scared that Chavez would destroy it..
        I believe these projects, greenhouses for example are a great small business
        for someone to build and operate. If you look around in neighboring countries you will find these already operating.

      • Bob Taylor Says:

        Good comment Syd! Excellent idea ! Where is the famous Venezuelan chocolate too ??

  13. CarlosElio Says:

    I wrote an article on this topic in Nuñez Noda Web site, Infociudadano. It is in Spanish, sorry to non-speaker of Cervantes’s romantic language, but if you can read it, there I offer a plausible theory of why the show is “the thing”

    What prompted me to reply is not the theory behind the show, but the “fake revolution” in the title. It implies that there is a true revolution. The only true revolution is Copernicus’s. The earth is not the center of the universe.

    There is a group of people who think that society has many evils; that it is nasty, brutish and short–which may be true–and that they know how to right all the wrongs–which is one more wrong. Yes, society has evils, but it also has virtues. Mathematics has voids (Gödel) but also has theorems. Physics has uncertainty (Heisenberg) but also has laws.

    When given the opportunity to become decision makers, that group of people fuck it up in a gargantuan manner. And they become decision makers through revolutions, bringing along Gulags, guillotines, firing squads, cultural revolutions, and killing fields.

    Chavez’s is not a fake revolution, it is a true revolution. All revolutions end up in disaster. Whenever an individual claims to have the solution to all the evils of society, you have a buffoon. Just like a “mathematician” claiming to have all the answers to mathematical problems. And when the buffoon sneaks his way into power, you have a disaster.

    The evils of society will not be cured by a new Moses coming down from the mountain with the law cast in stone, but by the free interplay among people, each one seeking its own good.

  14. TV Says:

    Well, the signs are quite accurate. This is exactly how Socialism looks like.
    Is there any chance for subtitles? Pretty please? 🙂

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