The Strange Case Of The Fast Rise (And Drop!) Of A Venezuelan Revolutionary Diplomat

September 9, 2012

Interesting that the New York Times picked up the story of Venezuela withdrawing diplomatic immunity for Dwight Sagaray, the diplomat who is being charged in Kenya of murdering the Venezuelan Ambassador to that country.

The story is one 0f those strange stories of the Chavez revolution. Sagaray, a lawyer, was teaching English in Caracas as recent as 2008, then appears teaching maritime law a local university in 2009 and holds a position in the Labor Ministry soon after that  and just like that, via a mysterious process, is named First Secretary of the embassy in Kenya. A minor position, but as the article notes, it used to be you had to be a career diplomat to reach even that position in what is for Venezuela a minor Embassy. But somehow Sagaray managed it, sponsored by someone who has yet to be identified.

The Venezuelan Ambassador at the time, left the post earlier this year, accused of sexual harassment and Mr. Sagaray all of a sudden was the top diplomat in Kenya, even moving in into the Amabassador’s residence. Only in Chavez’ revolution do people rise so fast.

But the drop came soon after that, as a career diplomat was named Ambassador and she came and began fighting with Mr. Sagaray. There are stories about diplomatic pouches arriving directly to Sagaray, but it is only innuendo so far. Then, on July 26th., two weeks after arriving in the country, the Ambassador was killed and Kenyan police accused Sagaray. Within 24 hours, the Venezuelan Government, which has always defended its officials accused abroad, removed immunity from Sagaray. This was done so fast, that it is amazing that it was done solely because there had been little time to gather all facts.

Unless, of course, the new Ambassador had been named to intervene into something that was happening at the Embassy in Kenya, with the tragic result of the Ambassador´s death. Of course, the Venezuelan Government has said very little, but it is interesting that that angle had barely been noted by the local press.

Like so many other cases, Sagaray’s rise and fall under the revolution was just as swift as his drop. The surprise and mystery in his case is why he was left without protection so fast. The Government obviously knows, but will the full story ever be known?

14 Responses to “The Strange Case Of The Fast Rise (And Drop!) Of A Venezuelan Revolutionary Diplomat”

  1. moses Says:

    I read some place that here are less than 25 Venezuelans in Kenya; if this is true why do we need an Embassy over there ? Can´t another country handle consulate affairs for these venezuelans in Kenya?

    • CharlesC Says:

      Yes. Actually, no Venezuela does not need an Embassy in Kenya.
      And, how many Venezuelans are in Mali? And, what the hell are they doing
      there? As with Honduras and US -Chavez uses Embassies for “other purposes”?

  2. Ira Says:

    Also, we tend to poo-poo the development of African nations, but there are a few making real strides, and where cooperation with VZ on a number of initiatives would bear real fruit.

    So not necessarily a “minor” assignment/embassy as stated above.

    Not sure if KENYA is one of those countries…I know Nigeria is…but I just want to make the point.

    • CharlesC Says:

      You would think so, and hope so…But, does Chavez ever “bear fruit”?jajaja
      No-look around the world at the other Venezuelan Embassies and see what
      they are doing?

  3. Ira Says:

    That’s a “diplomat?”

    He looks like the guy who works at my neighborhood 7-11.

  4. VJ Says:

    OT. Update..!!!

    Javier I. Mayorca @javiermayorca
    Confirmado:sábado 3 am murió sgto Ej. Antonio Canchica,41,implicado en caso valija Antonini.Fue vivienda transición Fte Tiuna.Cayó d altura.

  5. CharlesC Says:

    I read where 6 Kenyans were also arrested including a Doctor Ahmed Mohammed? Also, incoming Ambassador Fonseca had fired everyone
    that had anything to do with the sexual harassment case against former
    Ambassador Carillo Silva. Actually, I had heard that she was ordered to
    fire everyone and start over with a new staff…
    Maybe Mr. Sagaray did not like hearing the news that he would be fired
    and maybe some of the Kenyans working at the Venezuelan Embassy in Nairobi felt the same way.
    If it was such a minor Embassy -then why was it located in the richest area
    and a large, gated estate? So, what else are Venezuelans trading with Kenyans?
    Kenya has a very large diaspora mostly located throughout Europe and US.
    Also, I heard Nairobi has the largest number of working male prostitutes in the world. ( Florida has the largest number of “reTIRED” ones -ha. Just joking.)
    Their customers come mainly from Europe -middle-aged white women
    looking for a “Maasai” -no joke.(Tall, skinny guy-ha) $10-20 dollars and
    AIDS is extremely prevalent.

    • CharlesC Says:

      “Kenya has a very large diaspora mostly located throughout Europe and US”
      Just some general information that is actually quite unique. Most every university in the US has Kenyan athletes on their track team and of course- they receive full scholarships. Esp. distance runners and some basketball players, too. This scouting for athletes began with missionaries and continues.
      Also-since I mentioned “missionaries”-Kenya is/was the favorite destination for missionaries. For now, Christians outnumber Moslems…

  6. CarlosElio Says:

    That poor lady, Olga Fonseca, was killed so far away and she kind of knew something rotten was cooking at the Kenya embassy. I’ve seen the pictures, Ms Fonseca wasn’t pretty, but she deserved respect and consideration.

    As far as Mr Sagaray rise and fall, it is normal in top echelons of illegal circles. Have you seen the big Mexican cartels? The jefe-de-plaza doen’t last long. Membership in the chavez’s inner circle depends on the candidate’s ability to kiss ass. If he is willing to brown his nose while he got his head up chávez’s ass, all the better for the career path of the emerging chavista. Problem is that ass kissing is not a good predictor of managerial skill. In fact those guys are known to have associated behaviors like telling lies, faking the data, being late, and the others who are not conducive to good results. They brag, they are pompous, they become greedy. Then they are wasted and must go away.

    • syd Says:

      Olga Fonseca looked dreadful, largely because she had some serious endocrine problem. What a tragedy, to be stricken down by major illness, more or less managed, before being tied up, assaulted and killed. Pobrecita.

      Interesting summary of the journey taken by most ass-kissers. While I don’t discount the drug angle of this particular story, I do find suspect the accusations of sexual abuse towards Carrillo Silva.

      If I were to add to the conjectures, I’d say that Sagaray was in a huge hurry to scramble to the top of the pile and live in a manner to which he desperately wanted to be accustomed.

      Why do I say that? Because in a photo of Sagaray, dressed for an embassy occasion, he wore a suit that seemed, to me, to have been tailored to within a millimeter of its life. That has its price. It’s also not normally the get-up of a First Secretary.

      Dwight Sagaray wanted the good life. And fast. No sé, digo yo.

  7. Alex Says:

    Indeed! And more excrement will keep making physical contact with the hydro-electric powered oscillating air current distribution device.

  8. Charly Says:

    Obviously drug related. The diplomatic pouch gets very handy, but then they have to share the spoil, eventually the shit hits the fan. Interestingly enough, Tareck El Aissami is mentioned in the NYT article His brother is known as a big drug dealer. Just get rid of that scum, Hay un camino.

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