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Supreme Court Rejects Election Challenge, Fines And Orders Capriles Investigated

August 7, 2013


The surprise today was not that the Constitutional Hall of the Venezuelan Supreme Court rejected as inadmissible Henrique Capriles’ challenge to the election results in a one page decision. The surprise was that besides the legal travesty, the Court fined Capriles the maximum amount for insulting authority with the challenge and accusing the Court of being partial to the Government. The Court also asked the Prosecutor to have Capriles investigated for these insults.

Jeez, the ruling was worse and more biased than I could have ever expected and simply proves Capriles’ point. In fact, every ruling along the way, from allowing Maduro to take office for Chávez, to permit him to campaign as President, doing “cadenas” all the time, simply emphasizes the point.

But I guess in this so called Chavista/Madurista democracy, free speech is not allowed and you have to agree with everything the Government says  or does, or you are being disrespectful and can thus be jailed.

Do I smell a jailed Capriles in our future?