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A Tragic Statement About Venezuela

August 15, 2013

black-ribbonWhenever something like the deplorable homophobic spectacle of the National Assembly two nights ago occurs (The details here, here and here), I prefer to stand back and allow it to sink in before I write something. In this case, I have found (and find it) it hard to verbalize my reaction to the whole thing. Because in the end, it is not only about the homophobia,  but there has always been in Chavismo a very mean streak, that bars many of its leaders from exhibiting any compassion or respect for others. Call it lack of sensitivity or simply lack of scruples, Carreño, Cabello, Maduro and their combo, seem to have no moral foundation to their ideals. The end not only justifies the means, but there seems to be some joy in the means, however perverse, whether we are talking about the murders when the opposition used to march, allowing Franklin Brito to die, jailing Judge Afiuni, the Tascón list or using material obtained by the police in the National Assembly to express your most homophobic and hateful feelings against your opponents.

But if the spectacle was deplorable, the reaction to it, whether Carreño trying to say he was sorry, or Diosdado saying they could jail Capriles, or Maduro accusing Primero Justicia of promoting orgies and prostitution in Miranda, is as despicable as the original hateful speech by the ever absurd Pedro Carreño. Carreño’s attempt to be contrite, simply showed he meant every word he said that night, as he only apologized for the words he used, but made sure to explain that he thought long and careful about what he said. There was simply no remorse.

It is simply just another version of Chavez’ “The show must go on”, when faced with the Amuay tragedy twelve months ago. No sense of compassion, no sense of responsibility, no civility, no humanity, no feelings for others and their rights.

But the real tragedy is not that we have become accustomed to this without realizing it, but that there will be no moral punishment for Chavismo for their behavior. That this lack of humanity and compassion has become a pervasive and accepted attitude. That some actually cheer what happened.

A terrible and tragic statement about what Venezuela has become.