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We Interrupt Maduro’s Enabling Bill In Order To Defend Syria

August 30, 2013


All of a sudden Maduro’s PSUV party has lost one vote in the Venezuelan National Assembly, leaving it two short of the required 99 votes because, of all reasons, Deputy Adel el Zabayar, a Deputy from Bolivar State, has requested a leave of absence to go and fight for the Syrian Government.

El Zabayar was an alternate in the National Assembly, but became a Deputy when Rafael Gil was named President of the CorporaciĆ³n Venezolana de Guayana. Thus, El Zabayar has no alternate and PSUV has thus lost a vote. .

El Zabayar is of Syrian origin and is President of the Venezuelan Arab League and a former member of the Venezuelan Comunist party.

I guess that is what Maduro meant when he said that he would help Syria if the US attacked. El Zabayar said that he would return to Venezuela if Maduro asked him to. But I guess the Syrian fight is more important than anything happening in Venezuela. I hope other PSUV Deputies join him in this fight for authoritarianism. Maybe they will be further away from their quorum.