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Writers Block About The Absurdity Venezuela Has Become.

August 19, 2013


So, Maduro wants to fight corruption. Where should I begin?: Antonini, Illaramendi, Giordani/Fonden, Bolivar 2000, Fernandez Barrueco, Arné Chacón, Argentinean Bonds, Structured Notes, PDVAL, Chávez family, and dozens of posts on similar and equivalent subjects, over and over and over.

I can’t write about that, already did. Too many times.

Maybe I should write about a Constituent Assembly. Yeah! We need another Constitution, because the 26 we have had since the first one in 1811 have not worked. So, is it the Constitution or is it us?

Really, thirty years ago Venezuela had the most advanced (and complex) anti-corruption law, but Maduro needs magical powers, Harry Potter-like powers, all of a sudden and the opposition may need (or not) a new Constitution. Give me a Voldemort break!

Look, the 2000 Constitution may not be perfect, but why not try to follow it to the letter for four years and see what happens?

Look, democracy is hard, you really have to work at it, every single day. It is not a matter of just getting elected. You have to talk, negotiate, find the middle ground. Include everyone. Not Carreño, everyone that is representative. I draw the line with him.

Want to fight corruption? Name a Comptroller that everyone respects, both sides. If that person does not exist, then we really have problems, don’t we?

You think that even if you get elected, the other side will control the Government? Oh well, nobody said this is easy, but how about working hard for the country for a while? Earn each piece, one step at a time. That would be nice, no?

Because you may object to the 2000 Constitution, but hey, it is no better, nor worse than the other 26. You mean to tell me that none of the 26 were any good? Then we are screwed, don’t you think? Maybe it is something up there at the neuron level that makes us believe that ideology can fix everything. Try it next time your car breaks down. Well, I take that back, I am sure a true hard core socialist could prove a Lada is easier to fix, even if it breaks down more often.

But talking about all these things is easier than talking about the Vice-President of Fascism with a  capital “F” Jorge Arreaza, saying that everyone that is against Maduro’s Enabling Bill is suspect of being corrupt. To begin with, look at yourself, anyone that is suspect of being Vice-President just because of who he married, is then suspect too. No? Agree?

More so, nothing, absolutely nothing, qualifies you for any of the positions you have held. Only two words: Rosa Virginia. Because you have a degree in European Studies which would qualify you, at best, to a mid level position in some bureaucracy in Europe, where I am sure you would serve Venezuela better than in the Ministry of Science or in your current position. BTW, you spent a few hundred million dollars on that Chinese satellite but forgot the local antennas. So, we don’t get to use them, because you were clueless. Under current Venezuelan law, that happens to be corruption. Read it, you may be enlightened, but it says you should be in jail. Four hundred million dollars is a lot of money, even for rich Chavistas.

So, I don’t know what to write about, It’s writers block. I wanted to alliterate the title: Corruption, Constituent, Cambio, Compliance, Conciencias, Comptroller, Corpoelec, Censorship, Central, Cilia, Chavismo, Cruz Weffer, Chacón, Cadivi, Carreño, Cabello, Chávez…

No, it just would not work. Simply Writer’s Block about this absurdity Venezuela has become.