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The Gigantic Failure Of The Bolivarian Revolution In Two Graphs

August 11, 2013

People still want to defend the Bolivarian revolution. The poor they say, the Justice they dare mention. Democracy, they claim, simply making me laugh.

But the following two graphs sum up why the Bolivarian revolution is simply the biggest scam in our history. Simply indefensible, I just wish I could quantify corruption in a similar graph, to make it three.

1) The inflation rate in Venezuela, either reported by the Government or the implied inflation rate, defined as that measured by the change in the black market rate, is worse than in war ravaged Syria, and only beaten by that of North Korea, as show in this graph ripped off from the Wall Street Journal.

InflationwsjHat tip: JSB, thanks!

2) The fourteen years of the Bolivarian revolution have made Venezuela a very unsafe place to live, with homicides jumping by a factor of 4, making Venezuela one of the most dangerous countries in the world, whether you believe the 73 murders per 100,000 inhabitants of the official statistics (black line) or the 84 of the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence. Note the poor have a higher incidence of homicides and crime than the middle class. (This graph appeared in last Sunday┬┤s (August 4th.) Expediente in El Universal, but was not included in the digital version. Thanks VS for getting it for me.)


Two simple graphs, a Gigantic Failure…