A Tragic Statement About Venezuela

August 15, 2013

black-ribbonWhenever something like the deplorable homophobic spectacle of the National Assembly two nights ago occurs (The details here, here and here), I prefer to stand back and allow it to sink in before I write something. In this case, I have found (and find it) it hard to verbalize my reaction to the whole thing. Because in the end, it is not only about the homophobia,  but there has always been in Chavismo a very mean streak, that bars many of its leaders from exhibiting any compassion or respect for others. Call it lack of sensitivity or simply lack of scruples, Carreño, Cabello, Maduro and their combo, seem to have no moral foundation to their ideals. The end not only justifies the means, but there seems to be some joy in the means, however perverse, whether we are talking about the murders when the opposition used to march, allowing Franklin Brito to die, jailing Judge Afiuni, the Tascón list or using material obtained by the police in the National Assembly to express your most homophobic and hateful feelings against your opponents.

But if the spectacle was deplorable, the reaction to it, whether Carreño trying to say he was sorry, or Diosdado saying they could jail Capriles, or Maduro accusing Primero Justicia of promoting orgies and prostitution in Miranda, is as despicable as the original hateful speech by the ever absurd Pedro Carreño. Carreño’s attempt to be contrite, simply showed he meant every word he said that night, as he only apologized for the words he used, but made sure to explain that he thought long and careful about what he said. There was simply no remorse.

It is simply just another version of Chavez’ “The show must go on”, when faced with the Amuay tragedy twelve months ago. No sense of compassion, no sense of responsibility, no civility, no humanity, no feelings for others and their rights.

But the real tragedy is not that we have become accustomed to this without realizing it, but that there will be no moral punishment for Chavismo for their behavior. That this lack of humanity and compassion has become a pervasive and accepted attitude. That some actually cheer what happened.

A terrible and tragic statement about what Venezuela has become.

31 Responses to “A Tragic Statement About Venezuela”

  1. Marga Says:

    Off the topic, I have Venezuelan Bonds 2031. There are a lot of rumors circulating rigth now that the government doesn´t have enough money to pay for its debt in dollars. Do you think I need to cash my bonds now or wait. Thanks for your opinion.

    • moctavio Says:

      They have the money, not paying would be a political decision. I would stay, but as you say that is an opinion. And only make it a small part of your portfolio, like any other asset.

      • HalfEmpty Says:

        Cagey response there MO. Hummmm….

        • Not really, without knowing someones portfolio, it is not responsible to give such and advice. Since December, I have been telling people to cut their Venezuela holdings because there was a downside equivalent to the yearly coupon and little upside. The problem is that many people had huge positions, like 30-40% of their portfolio in Venezuela, so cutting in half was not enough. Personally, I like Argentina more, more yield, more upside, change in the air, but again, only a reasonable part of your portfolio. (10-20%)

  2. Roy Says:

    Quote by Adolf Hitler: “The great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one”

    • m_astera Says:

      But what situation and historical precedent was Hitler referring to? (Hint: he wasn’t giving advice on propaganda techniques)

      • Roy Says:

        At the time he said it, he was actually blaming the Jews for using the technique. I have forgotten exactly what lie he was accusing the Jews of. Ironically, Chavismo repeatedly accuses Opposition of exactly that which they themselves are most guilty of.

        In any case, not all truisms come from the good guys.

        • NorskeDiv Says:

          Hitler accused Social Democrats, Jews and Marxists of incorrectly blaming the loss of the war on Ludendorf. In reality Hitler was the big liar, he claimed the war would have been won had German liberals sufficiently supported it.

          The war was lost as soon as Austria dragged France into a war that should only have been against Russia.

  3. Tomate Says:

    They are basically attempting to postionioning the oppo in the voters mind as a bunch of corrupt and inmoral sex perverts. They control the media and the oppo has limited vehicles to communicate with chavistas that are on the fence (lower middle class and below)… the bet is that these “on the fence chavistas” will go ahead and vote for the known devil Vs the currupt and pervert oppo… unfortunally, perception is reality!

  4. […] Carreño, Cabello, Maduro and their combo, seem to have no moral foundation to their ideals. The end not only justifies the means, but there seems to be some joy in the means, however perverse, whether we are talking about the murders when the opposition used to march, allowing Franklin Brito to die, jailing Judge Afiuni, the Tascón list or using material obtained by the police in the National Assembly to express your most homophobic and hateful feelings against your opponents. […]

  5. concerned Says:

    The correct term is EVIL.

    To say that they are immoral may imply that they have no morals or don’t understand what they do or say is wrong. They know it is wrong. If you want to prove it, let the opposition make a similar comment and see how quickly they go on the attack.

    Chavismo, or whatever you want to call it now feel that they are immune to any repercussion for any action. Above the law and moral judgement.

    Give them an inch, and they will take a mile. Call them out, and shut them up.

  6. namkai Says:

    Good post Miguel.

    “No sense of compassion, no sense of responsibility, no civility, no humanity, no feelings for others and their rights.”

    To me the crux of the problem lies in the above, but in order to correct this situation we have to see that the problem lies within ourselves as well.There is this tendency among the opposition to see ALL evil in the other only.How can we fix a problem if we are not part of the problem? Impossible.

    Just look at how many of us hate on others for being and thinking differently.I am sick and tired of the insults thrown at the psfs.

    When we hate the haters we are just as bad as they are.

    I don’t think the solution will lie in expressing mutual hatreds but rather in the opposition (for once and for all) assuming a position of absolute clarity and authority, which so far they have not .FROM THE GET GO there has been too much dilly dallying, excuses, tangential thinking or derailment,and unwillingness to assume the responsibility of past errors of judgement.

    • moctavio Says:

      I dont hate Pedro Carreno, I just dont think he is qualified to be a Deputy in my country’s National Assembly, compose and discuss laws and in general formulate what Venezuela should be in the future. Ditto Maduro, ditto Chavez and ditto many people in this Government. There are some people that are qualified, but both within Chavismo and opposition they fall into th political black hole of not talking.

  7. John Barnard Says:

    I think the point is to paint the opposition as “the other” in any convenient way possible.

  8. Tomate Says:

    These guys are plain EVIL… Merrian-Webster defines evil as: Morally reprehensible, sinful, wicked, bad character or conduct, causing discomfort or repulsion, offensive, disagreeable, causing harm…

    • Skip Says:

      It can get tricky because you to differentiate between who is pathological and who is not and what is the type and extent of the pathology. Self-centered, lacking empathy and full of rat-cunning is narcissistic. I bet there are plenty of psychopaths in this group. Two types are overt and covert. The narcissism in the style of Fidel is something people admire and many see as a virtue. Pretty Eyes impresses me because he’s got Fidel more than anyone. Dangerous and forget about removing them in this lifetime if you are 40+

    • m_astera Says:

      My working definition of evil: Knowingly causing or allowing harm to come to others in order to benefit one’s self.

  9. bureado Says:

    I remember in 2005 when we clashed on disagreement over fundamental things on Venezuelan politics while on that Veneblogs meeting in Cumbres de Curumo. I was reeeally younger, though. A lot of things have changed since then – this being not only a sad statement but a sad outcome that will take an era to break through.

  10. Roger Says:

    I think what were seeing is the Cadena effect. Chavez would make an offhand statement that this or that should be done and every lower level Chavista would do their version of it to look good to Comandante. If we could get Maduro to jump off one of the bridges going to the airport we would be rid of all of them!

    • Mitch Says:

      He doesn’t have to jump, just wait for one to collapse like Viaducto 1. It will probably happen soon enough being that they don’t maintain anything. Hopefully with Maduro and his group of Enchufados with him.

  11. Kepler Says:

    According to some recent poll, a majority of Russians are very much against homosexuality. I think the case could be similar in Venezuela, so I suppose these thugs think they have a winning ticket here.
    I think the opposition should attack these thugs on several fronts:
    demand proof of prostitution ring – and demand that in front of the international community
    demand statement about why Chavismo keeps referring to Capriles’ sexual preferences (including Maduro’s references) – again, stating this to the international media.
    Several Chavista thugs have publicly said they have proof Capriles is involved in a plan to kill Maduro. They need to make a formal demand and
    denounce the government at an international court for this (if this is not possible because slander does not get discussed in those courts, at least demand a clear statement from international organisations)

    • Skip Says:

      Kepler, with all due respect, what are you talking about?

    • Skip Says:

      Kepler, I was talking to friend the other day about Venezuela and the US. My friend is very high level in DC. Venezuela does not get more than five minutes. It’s unmotivating, sending mixed messages to those tasked. All paths lead to military confrontation. VE is not a threat to the US. Thus, no action. They dont’ want to hear about it.

      • Kepler Says:

        Did I express myself so badly? I know it was late here but…
        I do NOT mean a military attack of anyone on Venezuela. I would be the last one to support such a thing.

        I mean Venezuela’s opposition should formally let the Maduro government know it is taking all these accusations to the international attention, not by isolated declarations but by a system with follow ups: they should insist the government explains to the whole world what they meant
        with the “concrete proof” that
        Capriles was trying to murder Maduro
        with the insults Pedro Carreno was producing
        with the homophobic slurs etc

  12. Ira Says:

    I too heard nothing of this until now. I’m in the car now and will check your links later.

    But wouldn’t one think that as always, STUPIDITY is a big part of the equation?

    It’s 2013 now, and thankfully, most of the world is turning away from this idiotic homophobia. And for Christ’s sake–even the POPE has expressed tolerance.

    So, displaying prejudice towards GLBT people doesn’t only put you in the minority, no one has anything to GAIN by it, let alone society.

    I’ve known lots of gay people, and I wouldn’t trade one of them for a thousand Maduro’s.

  13. You wrote:
    “Call it lack of sensitivity or simply lack of scruples, Carreño, Cabello, Maduro and their combo, seem to have no moral foundation to their ideals.”

    And that is the crux: these people have no concept of morality, they are neither moral or immoral, they are a-moral which is infinitely worse because they are unable to understand punishment when this one is meted unto them.

  14. xp Says:

    Where will the tragic solution come from?
    Do I need to start thinking about a comic solution?
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Moral squalor is but a second skin for these henchmen,
    Now we are STILL to witness the inevitable accusations
    of a sodom and gomorrah world of fascists conniving against
    the helpless and spotlessly clean leadership of
    Carreño, Cabello, Maduro and their combo.
    No worries –
    they have already become PILLARS of SALT,
    in this country of ours.

  15. Ronaldo Says:

    That was well said. Chavistas want to disenfranchise gays. This is wrong.
    Or to place it in a different way, Chavistas are saying gays have no rights in any way. Thus gays can be imprisoned or fired or worse with no consequences.

    Maduro has to go. The sooner the better.

    • Skip Says:

      They quickly moved to correct this by wrapping Maduro in rainbow flag. Didn’t this regime enshrine gay rights in the constitution. How many gay cabinet members have their been? I think that Chavez and the army always been tolerant because they where exposed at the “academia militar” and in “el monte” so there is no concerted effort to disenfranchise quite the opposite.

  16. moctavio Says:

    Sorry Marty, I thought the details were very well known since the incident took place two days ago and I had waited to digest it all before writing. Did not want to go over the gory details, since other blogs had covered it. I really prefer not to cover the details, so I have inserted links to other blogs on the details:



    and this one from Emiliana which has a similar tone to mine:


  17. marty Says:

    For me this time, you have not written enough details about the actual incident. Usually you explain in depth but when you don’t, it makes it harder to clearly understand your point and appreciate your position. Maybe a part two?

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