COFAVIC speaks: Everybody should listen

December 4, 2002

While the passion of the moment, makes people concentrate on the events of the last 24 hours, the repression and the marches, people, both venezuelans and foreigners should read the statement by COFAVIC issued today. COFAVIC is the most reputable Human Rights organization in Venezuela and has always has the ability to look at the trees and the forests at the same time as they do today. A brief summary of their statement:

1) Condemns the disproportionate use of force by the National Guard yesterday.

2) Condenms the agression to the media, more so, given the precautioanry measures issued by the Interamerican Commission for Human Rights and that the Government has not investigated any of the charges made by this commission.

3) That the principle of separation of power was violated by the National Assembly yesterday when it suspended one of the members of the Supreme Court. Cofavic says that it was highly critical of the way independent powers were elected, but that this action only weakens these powers.

4) Cofavic asks for the return of the Metropolitan Police to the Mayor of Caracas, calling it a violation of the law.

5) Cofavic rejects as well as the militarization of the city which is not contemplated in the Constitution under the current circumstances.

6) Cofavic says points 3,4 and 5 are violations of the interamerican system for the protection of human rigts as well as Article 3 of the Interamerican Democratic letter.

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