Huge march, PDVSA has operating problems, negotiations continue

December 4, 2002

Huge march today from where the repression took place yesterday, to the hotel where the Secretary General of the OAS is staying. A document was presented to Gaviria asking him to invoke the Democratic letter of the OAS. (He can’t, it has to be a unanimous vote of all foreign Ministers of the OAS). Given the improvization and the fear of people after what happened yesterday, attendance was quite impressive. Meawhile, some Government officials are beginning to admit that the oil industry is running into problems, but they claim they have been contained by the contingency plan.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the country there was violence as pro and anti Chavez groups met. That things are not going well for the Government could be shown by the fact that President Chavez cancelled his trip to Brazil, a rare occurrence as he always like to escape conflicts.

Meanwhile, one of the members of the negotiating team for the Government said today that it was the media’s provocation of the National Guard which caused the agressions against them yesterday (???), while the President’s lawyer said they were going to accuse the two leaders of the strike for inciting the people, while sending  veiled threats to the media, for their role in the protest. The Government continues to say it will not negotiate with the oppsoition unless the general strike ends, but there have been negotiations going on both yesterday and today looking for a way out of this juncture.

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