Huge march again today

December 17, 2002

Abother huge march today which had a path of over 8 Kilometers from the Esat of the city to Simon Bolivar’s burial place (today was the anniversary of his death). However, we were not allowed to reach that location as 200-400 Government supporters were there to try to stop us. Thus, even though we had the permits required, we were not able to exercise oour rights as citizens.

The pictures show: Above: A look to the back and front of the march at its beginning. Bottom: Left: The crowd in the middle of the march. Right: The place where we were stopped. You can see one of the cops on the right blocking us. Another example of why there is no democracy in Venezuela.

There were other marches during the day, the ones in Barquisimieto and Valencia looked huge on TV. Tomorrow, things will continue, there will be no Christmas in Venezuela this year.


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