Comment from the Tyromaniac

December 18, 2002

From my brother the Tyromaniac:

They still are trying to portrait this fight as White vs. Black, Rich vs. Poor, that is also bullshit. Most venezuelans are mixed race and, as normally happens in mixed raced countries, families have a variety of colors. So, some of my sisters, who are rabidly anti-Chávez, have darker skin than most of Chávez supporters, much darker than Chávez himself, while the pro-chávez parlament officials, accused yesterday of having millions of dollars in accounts in the US, are as light skinned as any opposition supporter. The lack of serious journalism in a newspaper like The New York Times is really depressing.

To which I add: If Chavez were perceived as right-wing (part of his thinking is) the world would be outraged at his statements and actions.

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