Confrontation ends in soccer game!

December 18, 2002

Shaking hands in peace                                     Peaceful protest (From reuters)


Only a couple of hours after I posted my brother’s comment about the error of believing the Venezuelan crisis is a one of rich versus poor that may end in Civil War, the events demonstrated exactly how wrong these people are. On Monday some people barricaded a highway in Caracas. From one of the barrios nearby some pro-Chavez people came down and it appeared there might be a confrontation. There was none, and the picture above shows Chavistas and opposition supporters shaking hands at the end (I can’t tell which side is which!). Well, today the opposition barricaded the same highway, the Chavistas showed up and guess what?. They ended playing an improvised game of soccer in the middle of the highway, which reportedly the Chavistas won 3-2. That is the Venezuela we all remember until Hugo Chavez showed up in his coup attempt in ’92. We want it back!

(Photo by Oscar Sabater, official Devil’s Excrement photographer)

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