Once again the Chavez Administration exceeds itself

December 18, 2002

Barely had the ink dried on the decision by the Supreme Court to stop the illegal intervention of the Metropolitan police by the Government, that the Chavez Administration issued another decree which we are sure will eventually be found to violate the right to private property established in the Venezuelan Constitution. Tonight, the Government issued a decree that allows Venezuelan authorities to confiscate any transportation medium to guarantee the supply of gasoline and staples. The decree even says they can do this “without any detriment to the right to private property”. Thus, the Chavez leftists try it again, tomorrow somebody will ask for an injunction, two weeks from now the Court will say it can’t be done. In the meantime, rights are violated, property is used and misused without compensation, but “the right to private property has been respected”. What’s next? Cancelling elections for the next ten years, without affecting the basic democratic rights of the Constitution?

(Now I ask myself, if the Government claims the strike is failure, why did it have to do this?)

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