Supreme Court returns Metropolitan Police to Mayor

December 18, 2002

In a severe blow to Chavez’ plans, the Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled that the decree issued by the Chavez administration was void and that the Metropolitan Police and all of its facilities have to be returned to the Mayor of Caracas. Moreover, the Court took advantage of the decision to rule that the National Guard can not intervene in establishing order in civilian life unless the appropriate regioanl authorities agree with the measure because the regular police action has been overflowed. This was ruled earlier by a lower Court and was not the subject of the suit. This decision contains what every legal opinion had said all along, but the Constitutional Hall of the Highest Court is considered to be the most pro-Chavez of them all and thus there was no certainty as to the decision. The Chavez administration has defended the decree all the way. Even at noon today the Minsiter of the Interior and Justice (or is it Injustice?) had said the Government was ready to intervene other police forces, in reference to that of the Chacao municipality which yesterday was charged with having illegal weapons. . 

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