Chavez blasts just about everyone

February 24, 2003

Last year, after Chavez resignation, coup and return, his collaborators sought the aid of OAS Secretary General Cesar Gaviria, who immediately after Carmona “the brief” issued his now infamous decree, issued a statement condemning the break in Constitutionality. Last summer, Chavez brought Gaviria back to “mediate” with the opposition. In November Gaviria had to move to Venezuela once he understood the severity of the crisis and how Chavez was the crux of the problem. Then Chavez thought of the idea of creating a Group of Friends as mediators as a way of undermining Gaviria and enrolled Brazil‘s President Lula Da Silva to form the group. Unfortunately for Chavez Lula got together with the US and formed a group which was not to Chavez’ liking to actually back Gaviria. Spain and Portugal were added as Chávez thought they were friendlier towards him. Chavez even went to Brazil to convince Lula to change the friends group.

Well, today Chavez blasted Gaviria and the Spanish Foreign Minister for their comments on the detention of opposition leader Carlos Fernandez. I actually thought Gaviria’s declaration was too diplomatic, given that they had signed an agreement for peace and violence the day before. Chavez also criticized the US and Colombia for intervening in the country’s affairs. Slowly the world is getting to know the true Hugo Chávez. Note: I did think that the statements by teh Colombians were undiplomatic, but not the others. When people say they are concerned, I don’t think they are getting involved in the affairs of a country, they simply are concerned, so are we!

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