A tide shift?

February 24, 2003

I agree with Francisco Toro that the tide of international public opinion is shifting against Hugo Chavez (at last!). This Newsday article, from Associated Press is simply proof of the incredible shift taking place. This is the full text about last night’s incident where one cop was killed and eight injured by Chavez’ supporters, which I had posted on below:

“gunmen loyal to Chavez ambushed a group of policemen overnight, killing one officer and wounding five others, said Miguel Pinto, chief of the police motorcycle brigade. 

The officers were attacked Saturday night as they returned from the funeral for a slain colleague and passed near the headquarters of the state oil monopoly, which has been staked out by Chavez supporters since December.

Chavez’s government has seized thousands of weapons from city police on the pretext that Police Chief Henry Vivas has lost control of the 9,000-member department. Critics allege Chavez is disarming police while secretly arming pro-government radicals. “

Even the disarming of the police had previously gone largely unnoticed by the international press when it happened.


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