Explanation by municipal police of PDVSA shoot out

February 24, 2003


Imagine this: Last Saturday, there was a shoot out near PDVSA headquarters, which has been surrounded by Chavez’ “Bolivarian Circles” since mid-December. As a result of the shoot out, one Metropolitan police officer was shot dead and eight were injured. That’s it, nobody else. According to the Metropolitan police version, one cop was shot at while he was going to the funeral of another one three blocks away, he called for help and when other cops showed up, they were ambushed by gunmen…


Explanation by the Director of the municipal police of the Libertador District, whose Mayor, is strongly pro-Chavez (and was filmed unloading guns at night near PDVSA headquarters Dec. 4th. or 5th.): Two civilians without identification and armed showed up at PDVSA headquarters. They stopped the cops as they went by and there was a shoot out, which led to the dead cop. They were taken to the headquarters of the municipal police, right across the street from PDVSA, and metropolitan police cops came from two directions shooting at them, leading to the injured. The Director of the police then said that he “thought” the Bolivarian Circles were not involved, because they are not allowed to have weapons even if they have a permit. Do you believe all this? I just ask a simple question: How come there were one dead and eight injured and ALL were Metropolitan Police?

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