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Reporter Poleo sentenced to six months in jail

April 13, 2005

Reporter Patricia Poleo is sentenced to six months in jail
after she was found guilty of defamation of Minister of the Interior
and Justice Jesse Chacon. Chacon sued Poleo over her publication of a
picture of a soldier holding a gun over the dead body of a civilian at
the state’s TV channel.

Let’s examine the charges and the evidence:

Poleo published a picture of an armed soldier over a dead body the day of the November 1992 coup.

-Did Chacon participate in that November 1992 coup? YES

-Was Chacon present at the TV channel where the picture was taken? YES, he was part fo the attacking force.

-Was Chacon armed that day? YES, definitely.

-Did Chacon fire his gun that day at VTV, where innocent civilians were killed? Witnesses say YES!

-Did he kill anyone? Nobody knows, but we don’t know if the man in the picture killed anyone either.

So, the only thing you can accuse Poleo of is of misidentifying Chacon,
the rest is all true! So where is the act of defamation? Saying that
the picture is him, does not affect Chacon’s reputation (which is
what defamation is all about!), what damages his reputation is saying he
was there, he fired agaisnt innocent civilians and may have killed
them. But these are all true!

Of course, the Chavez administration just wants Poleo intimidated and jailed.


The enemy within: Chavez’ military folly continues

April 13, 2005

President Hugo Chavez continued playing the external enemy
threat card in his speeches, seeing ghosts everywhere in order to distract from
the failures of his Government. Like a modern poor version of Don Quijote, Chavez sees windmills everywhere. Besides the US
invasion, which he has focused on for the last few weeks, he started ranting
about the fact that NATO was using an invasion of Venezuela in its training exercises,
was quickly denied
by NATO itself. As if this was not enough, he also responded
to supposed statements
by Colombian President Uribe saying that unless Venezuela
changed, it would isolate itself. Chavez kept saying he would wait to reply to
see if the statements were true, but proceeded to answer to them anyway, not
once, not twice but three times. The Colombian Foreign Minister denied
that Uribe had even made reference to Venezuela
while in Japan, but the
damage to Venezuelan diplomacy was done as Chavez proceeded to say this is all
part of the US plot against Venezuela.

This is all of course a textbook strategy for autocratic
regimes: since personality cults, fear and propaganda can only carry you so
far, you need to create the external enemy in order to reinforce the support of
the loyalist and keep on your side those that are doubters because of the lack
of accomplishments and progress by the Government. These strategies have been
clearly posed by Sakharov and recently presented in clear form in Sharansky’s
“The case for democracy”
, a must read for anyone that believes in freedom,
democracy and human rights.

But Venezuela is becoming increasingly a militaristic
country, run by an autocrat who now controls all of the structures of the
state, including the military, who wants to merge the population with the Armed
Forces and who
glory in the bloody days of the beginning of the Republic, who talks
about “the civic military unit, forming citizen soldiers and soldiers who are
citizens…people and soldier, soldier and people, you are the most sublime
expression of the civic-military fusion which today becomes the strongest
column of the Bolivarian Venezuela”. Who talks about sovereignty or death, who
calls traitors those who do not understand the meaning of the newly created
reserves. Yes, Venezuela enters deeper into the territory of Chavez’ folly
today, that project that may irreversibly ruin this country for decades to
come, whose only objective is to preserve this madman in power.

And the madman is equally surrounded by
Generals, who not only believe in reincarnation and support his folly, but cry openly when people applaud him because he is a
patriot or justify the existence of the newly created two million men
reserve by
to the State of Israel, “where every man is a soldier”. Meanwhile his Vice
President uses swear words
to say that Chavez is great because he sent “el
Imperio al carajo”, an empire who in 1998 decided not to pay attention to
Chavez and let him be, but that Chavez tries to awaken at every step with his
continuous rape of democracy, democratic institutions and justice, in this
unfortunate country.

Meanwhile the death of 19 Venezuelans is celebrated three
years later as a day of “dignity” as there is total impunity in the
investigation of these deaths, let alone the over one hundred people injured
that day. Sadly, of the 19 deaths, people are jailed for only two cases,
because they may involve the Metropolitan Police controlled at the time by an
opposition Mayor. The other 17 cases are not even being investigated, as the
Prosecutor, the same man in charge of enforcing the law in Venezuela openly
says the National Guard refuses to turn over evidence to his office, which
simply proves what a joke he has made of that office which has simply become
another servile unit of the revolution and Chavez’ autocratic power.

In the end it is Chavez that has become the external enemy to all Venezuelans.
Driven by the bearded Cuban fool, he tries to introduce values that violate our
nature and sovereignty. Venezuelans are not militaristic, they do not hate,
they admire the US, and they
don’t want the country to become another Cuba. They just want a better
tomorrow, which has been constantly denied to them in the last thirty years.
But Chavez, the enemy within, just has grandiose plans for himself, not for his
people, which in the end can only have a sad ending for our poor country.

The Mcarthyist list of Chavismo:Case 4: Accused of being a spy for imperialism

April 13, 2005

Case 4: Accused of being a spy for imperialism by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

Ms. Ana Kosa was fired from Fogade on June 15th. 2004. She had worked there for four years, since March 2000. In May 2004, a little before her firing, she was sent by Fogade to do an apprenticeship at the OAS in subjects related to her specialty. When she came back, she was kicked out. She does not know if they consulted the list of Adolfo Tascón, but she does know the reason for her firing: she was accused of…

”being a spy for imperialism”. For the frame of mind that prevails in Fogade, after its leadership was assumed by the summa cum laude lawyer Jesus Caldera Infante, there could be no doubt that Mrs. Kosa had to be a CIA agent. How could it not be for a person, like Mrs. Kosa, who worked for 21 years at the US Embassy as part of the local personnel? It is obvious that if she quit the US Embassy in 1999 was because she received instructions from Langley, Virginia, to infiltrate the Venezuelan civil service and perform spying functions for the empire. Moreover, a woman with 21 years at the US Embassy had to be a CIA star. Of course! Romulito Henriquez, Caldera’s predecessor, never noticed that he had been penetrated. For the shrewd lawyer from Trujillo state, former member of COPEI, this detail did not escape him, thus, a few days alter his arrival at his new position he signed the letter firing Ms. Kosa. The new Board of the organization could breathe easier. The eyes of the empire were no longer looking over them. Although its is probable that they also disconnected the DirecTV set box, just in case Deputy Pedro Carreño was right when he alerted about the bidirectional screen through which the big Brother from the North had us under surveillance.

Here we are facing a pure and simple witch hunt. Arthur Miller, the great American dramatist, wrote one of his best pieces, The witches of
Salem, just in the middle of the McCarthy frenzy in the mid-fifties of the last century. Recalling the hanging of the women accused of being witches in that Maine (??) town three hundred years earlier, Miller made a lucid argument against intolerance, against prejudices and against social segregation. It was his way of calling attention to north American society to the terrible harassment of Senator Joe McCarthy against those who in his list, like in the Tascòn list, appeared as communists. It was men like Miller who made possible that that nation from the entrails of its deep democratic tradition reacted and got rid of the fearsome McCarthy. The gringos defeated their own version of fascism in democratic fashion. . In this diminished hours, Arthur Millar is also talking to us and in particular to Venezuelan intellectuals.