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More on Tascon’s list

April 24, 2005

The Tascon list continues to be in the news, don’t want to bore you to
death with it but it is getting very interesting from a legal point of
view and Tascon is contradicting the facts quite a bit:

-El Nacional has started with its own stories on people who were
affected by being on the list. Yesterday they ahd an article of a guy
who was named alternate judge, until they found out that he had signed
agaisnt Chavez and his nomination was revoked. What makes this case
interesting is that it all happened after Chavez said the list should be buried.

Today El Nacional continues with nine cases of people who were either
fired or not hired because they were on Tascon’s list. The most
intersting case is that of three lawyers who were fired, reportedly on
orders from Vice-President Rangel himself, from teh National Borders
Institute. They sued and lost but are appealing. What makes the case
most intersting is that teh judge that ruled against them said that
there was no crime involved in firing them because the had sigend
agaisnt Chavez! The lawyers also say that they were told that if they
withdrew their siganture they could continue working at their
positions. All four people at that institution who signed were fired
and one of them, a 72 year old man, did withdraw his signature.

-But perhaps the most interesting article in El Nacional today, is that
Enrique Naime, a former negoiator of the conditions for the recall vote
for teh opposition, said that Tascon obatined his list by moving into
the CNE twenty photocopy machines on January 13th. 2004, which were
placed in the public relations office, the secretary general’s office
and the auditorium, in order to copy the forms submitted by the
oppsoition with the names and id numbers of those that signed the
petition for a recall referendum agaisnt Hugo Chavez.

Accoridng to Naime, he talked to two CNE Directors and was told to talk
to the President of the CNE, now Judge of teh Supreme Court, who told
him that the Government ahd the right to do it. Naime says it took ten
days to copy all of the signatures and it was none other than Deputy
Luis (alias Adolph) Tascon, who supervised the whole process. Naime
says he has copies of the memo in which the CNE authorizes the copying
of the signatures. Somuch for accusing Sumate!

Tascon also says in today’s paper that he is proud of what he did.

Alek Boyd in today’s El Universal

April 24, 2005

Kudos to Alek Boyd of proveo and vcrisis for his interview with Roberto Giusti in today’s El Universal.
The main topic of the interview is the pecadillos of Eva Golinger, but
the real importance is how the volunteer work of a few bloggers has
managed to transcend the blogs as described by Daniel. Good job Alek!