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The cult of Chavez lives!

April 14, 2005

Chavez says:
“To be rich is bad” and those that “have richness” should donate
them…do charity work with them”. But note the Lanvin suit in the
picture, one of the dozens of  fancy brand name suits he has not
precisely paid by him, and it is a pity that his hand is up like that,
otherwise you would see one of the many fancy watches, like Cartier,
Chavez now has. Why doesn’t he donate them? He did not even work for
them. Such is the cynicism of our esteemed leader.

Not bad for a poor rich kid from Sabaneta, Barinas. Of course he wants it all for him, nobody else.

And speaking of poor rich kids from Barinas with huge egos, now that
PDVSA “belongs” to the people, the ID tags that workers carry on their
chests has been changed to this one promoting the cult to the esteemed

It says” As a worker of the new PDVSA and convinced of the
revolutionary process the nation of Bolivar is undergoing, I carry with
pride on my chest a President compromised with social struggles”.
“Until victory forever”

Shades of Kim Il Sung…

The strange case of the Paraguayan Ambassador

April 14, 2005

In one of the strangest cases in a while the Amabassador from Paraguay was beaten up severely
as she left the mass held by the Government in memory of the Pope. The
Ambassador was simply leaving the mass, well dressed and apparently was
harrased by Chavista groups that hang around Bolivar square where the
cathedral is. She started walking towards her car (the area is a
boulevard, so she had to walk four blocks) and these guys actually
started beating her up as she tried to get in the car, leaving her face
as in the picture above.

The story gets even stranger at this
point, when the injured Ambassador was taken to the Foreign Ministry
building, which is right at Bolivar Square, where absoluetly nobody was
willing to help her out. As if this were not enough, in the note of
protest by the Paraguayan Foreign Minsitry, which was sent to all local
embassies and international organizations, it is claimed that the
Paraguayan Embassy, the Ambassador and her residence do not even have
one single security person, despite repeated requests by the Paraguayan
Government to the Venezuelan Government to provide it as it is
customarily done. The Chavez Government apologized and said those
guilty of the agression will be punished.

Was this a case of
mistaken oligarchic identity? Is there something more to the story? It
seems unlikely for the Ambassador to have said anything anti-Chavez,
given her position and nationality, which is what is always claimed
whenever someone is injured by the Chavistas that took over Bolivar
Square since about three years ago. To those not familiar with this,
Bolivar Square has become “Chavista territory”, people simply don’t go
there anymore for fear of being harrased. Of course, forget about even
opening your mouth against the Government there. And what does the
Government say or do? Absolutely nothing, such is the state of
lawlessness and the lack of democracy in this empty revolution.