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April 19, 2005

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The amazing cynicism of the People’s Ombudsman about Tascon’s list

April 19, 2005

You really have to admire the ability of the People’s Ombudsman
keep a straight face
when referring to Tascon´s fascist list. He says

“I am convinced that those lists were used and pointed
to publicly, people from the opposition pointed out that the Government used
them to intimidate those that those that did not share ideas and from the
Government it was also pointed out that the opposition, in the private sector
and in the municipalities and Governorships …to threaten and persecute the
people that identified themselves with the Government”

First of all, the list only contained those that
signed against Chavez, so what is he saying that the opposition fired people
that did not sign? Now, that would really be hard to prove. And then comes the
cynical part:

“Investigations advanced by his office have not been
able to find proof of the use of this instrument to fire people…from a legal
point of view there is no evidence”

Well, maybe he can’t read and understand what Tal Cual has been carrying, with ID numbers
and names. Or the fact that in institutions like FOGADE close to 200 people who
had signed against Chávez were fired and replaced by an equivalent number of
people none of which had signed. But
the real problem is that people have gone to his office to complain about being
fired or denied a passport or a national ID card and they were turned away by officials from the Peoples’ Ombudsman
office. The reason? They were too busy with more important cases! In fact, at
the time, these cases were in the newspapers, where some of those that felt
affected went to denounce what was going on.

But this is the same cynical People’s Ombudsman who
comes out and accuses the US of intervening in Venezuelan affairs (does he have
proof?) or of participating in the April 2002 coup (does he have proof?) or
never showed his face when citizens were repressed by Government troops (and
some were killed or injured, but he just does not care). Mr Mundarain is simply
a cynic who enjoys the trappings of his diminished office, an office that is
new in Venezuelan legislation, but under Mundarain it has done little to
protect Venezuelans, becoming a farce of the much ballyhooed Moral Council
introduced by the new Bolivarian Constitution. In fact, Mr. Mundarain has spent
one third of his time traveling to “learn” about similar offices in the world,
or promote himself to preside the international organizations that group them.

But when it comes time to defend the Government, this
sad figure of the
is quick to show up, defend the Government and condemn the opposition or
whatever Chavez wants.

In one or two weeks when
proof will be provided in detail to hhis office by groups that are gathering
such evidence right now, he will either say nothing or find a legal argument
why the evidence can not be used. He simply does not understand that his office
is supposed to defend the people, both legally and morally. But to defend
morality, you have to have morals and ethics. To defend democratic principles,
you have to be a democrat. To defend human rights, you have to believe in them.
Once more, Mr. Mundarain shows he understands none of these principles. He has