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US cartoon on our not so favorite former US President

April 25, 2005

I guess the dislike for the man extends well beyond the Venezuelan borders


Do they bury it or not? by Teodoro Petkoff

April 25, 2005

Do they bury it or not? by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

According to newspaper VEA, to attribute to the list
of Adolfo Tascon a McCarthyist character is an attempt by Tal Cual to “disqualify”
it. It would be a waste of time, the list disqualifies itself. If that were not
the case, Chávez would not have ordered its “burial”. That monster could be
considered like a dead dog, with everyone trying to shake it off, even their authors,
the intellectual ones and the hired guns. But VEA still sees merits in it.
Because the witch hunt of the sinister gringo Senator was directed against north
American communists, that would establish, according to VEA, a fundamental
difference with Tascon’s list, which was elaborated to persecute those “that
voluntarily (sic) signed the petition asking for a recall referendum”

That has as much logic as arguing that the
qualification of “inquisitorial” for the scoundrel list would also be an
attempt to confuse. Garcia Ponce (Editor of VEA) would illustrate us about how the
inquisition only concerned itself with persecuting those that the Catholic Church
considered “heretics”. Inquisitional and McCarthyism will always remain as
generic terms to designate intolerance, fundamentalism, the persecution and punishment
of those that deviate themselves from the political or religious line which
predominates at a given moment of
history. McCarthyism is the same as Stalinism and the great shame of Guillermo
Garcia Ponce and those like him, who were comrades of those that were attacked
and humiliated in the US because of their communist convictions, is that today they
eagerly try to justify and validate the same type of cowardly persecution convictions,
half a century after the gringos buried their Tascon, to those that in Venezuela
dissent from the regimen. Much like McCarthy created the term “anti American”,
for any idea or political posture different from his, Garcia Ponce and all of
those shipwrecked from Communism, who
are trying to hold on to the saviors’ raft of Chavismo, qualify as “traitors to
the Nation” and “stateless” those that do not accompany the “process”. The same
way, in which thousands of North Americans were persecuted on the basis of mere
suspicion that they could be Communists, thus Tasconism transforms a signature,
enabled by the Constitution, into a suspicion of “coupsters”. It is the same thing
and the cheap sophism of VEA can not change that.

The cynicism of Garcia Ponce surpasses that of Jose
Vicente (which makes him ipso facto a candidate for Guinness) when it states that
“No person that signed has been cited to any inquisitorial committee to harass
or threaten him(…) Nobody has been persecuted (…) Nobody has needed to go into
exile like Charles Chaplin did (…) Nobody has had to retract himself via a humiliating
declaration”. In Tal Cual we have compiled hundreds of cases of ALL of those
things mentioned by VEA and we thought that publishing one a day, to compile a
file of these times of rats that we have to endure. And if the “burial” of the MCarthyist
list turns out to be a fib, we will return to our campaign. Nobody has been
fired for signing? Nobody has been denied a job for signing? Nobody has been asked
to retract from his signature in order to be admitted to the civil service? Nobody
has left Venezuela because doors were closed to them? It is as dirty to do it,
as it is to deny it. Even the Prosecutor’s office is starting to look like Joe McCarthy’s

Many of you, Garcia Ponce, have become a case of appropriation of ideological
postures that you had fought against in the past. In the past, you used to
denounce the “carnetocracy” (Referring to the fact that only an id from a
political party got you a job) of AD and COPEI. Today’s carnetocarcy, which is much
worse, is being used by you Who changed?