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Chavez admits abuses, nothing will happen

April 17, 2005

nothing can represent more the state of illegality in our poor country that
Chavez’ request last Friday for the Tascon list to disappear. Here is the
President of a country asking his
to “bury” a list that has been used to violate the civil and
human rights of Venezuelans who disagree with their political point of view.

For those
that may not know what I am talking about, a Deputy from Chavez’ MVR party,
Luis Tascon (Petkoff calls him Adolfo Tascon in Hitler’s memory!) placed the
database of all the 4 million people that signed for Chavez’ recall on his website (since removed). The list
became a standard to harass opposition people, from denying them a passport, a
job, all the way to firing them from a civil service position.

Chavez can
now say that the list “played an important role at a certain point in time” but
that is over. To me it means they used it to intimidate people, violate their
rights and screw them, but hey! We can forget about it now, we don’t need it,
we are going to build bridges to the opposition.

But what
about those that were fired? Those whose rights were violated? Those who were
denied the most essential services which they are entitled to by right? What
about that
silly Article 21 of the Constitution
that simply says:

people are the same in front of the law”

simple, no? “All people are the same” leaves no room for interpretation, but it
actually goes even further, just in case:

“1. Discriminations
based on race, sex, beliefs, social conditions or those that in general have as
their objective to nullify or reduce the recognition, enjoyment or exercise of
condition of equality, of the rights and freedom of a person, will not be

Also very clear:
WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. But it goes even further than this:

“2.The law
will guarantee the judicial and administrative conditions so that equality
under the law becomes real and effective, will adopt positive measures in favor
of groups that may be discriminated, segregated or vulnerable, will specially
protect those persons that for one of the reasons specified before, will find itself
in manifest weakness and WILL SANCTION the abuses and mistreatment that is
committed against them”

Can it be
clearer than that? The LAW means the Attorney General or the People’s
Ombudsman, neither of which ahs opened their mouth to complain about these
abuses. Despite their constitutional mandate “to adopt positive measures”.

Moreover, there
should be SANCTIONS for these abuses and these should reach Deputy Tascon, the
fascist that placed the list on his page so that everyone could use it and gloated
then that he was distributing it in CD’s, so that everyone could identify (i.e.
discriminate) those that were in it. It should sanction those like the
President of FOGADE that fired people base on this list. In fact the list
became quite pervasive, even
in Academic institutions
the list was made publicly hierarchically so that people
would know who was against Chavez and who was not, at all levels at that Institution.

And as
Petkoff’s has been documenting so vividly with names and ID cards, the list has
been used for firings (More than 200 people in Fogade alone), hiring and contracting.

And Deputy
Adolfo Tascon puts on his best “pendejo” face and gloats that he removed the list
long ago from his site, saying that he told Chavez people were abusing it and
even has the audacity to say that the list should have been secret, something the
opposition, always complained about, when the signatures were being gathered,
but changed nothing.

In any
country with any resemblance of legality and decency, both the Attorney General
and the People’s Ombudsman, should have long ago introduced recourses in front
of the Court’s to stop the abuses. (People went to the People’s Ombudsman
office to denounce abuses and were told that they had more important things to
do) Neither did anything. Today, they have the open testimony of the President,
calling it the Tascon list, they should open procedures against Chavez who
allowed it to happen and against Tascon who did it. And they should call on all
of those that were affected to come forward.

Of course,
none of this will happen. They will both shut up in the best servile style that
has characterized them in the last four years. There will be no Justice, nor
decency. There is neither in this Government.


Some new blooms

April 17, 2005

The flower above is called Dendrobium Thyrsiflorum, a species from Asia (India, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China). I still remember the firts time I saw one, like a beautiful chinese lantern hanging down. Moreover, that particular plant had like six lanterns. I had to find one! I bought one from a grower in a 2 inch pot and the plant grew fast and started flowering regularly. Then it started doing badly and I thought it would die. It had not flowered in like four years and is recovering very nicely. This year it has a total of five bunches. One already flowered, this one and three more will be flowering soon. Each flower is like one and one quarter inches and is shown blown up on the right.

On the left a Brazilian species, Cattleya Schilleriana. the lip is not as nice as it could be, but the flower is very well shaped. On the right an Oncidium hybrid, but I have no idea what it is.

Intensive course to hate gringos by Oscar Lucien

April 17, 2005

This article appeared in El Nacional on Friday and I thought it was
cute and we need humor once in a while to survive, so I translate it. I
am sure Alek will enjoy it.

course to hate gringos by Oscar Lucien

I really got blasted celebrating my graduation as a hate lancer. I graduated
from the Gringo go home cooperative of the Mision knee on the ground. We
received an intensive course to hate gringos within the strategy of asymmetric
war mandated by the commander in chief, maximum leader of the process, to
confront and liquidate the marines that dobleve Bush is planning to send to
destroy the pretty revolution. .

are simple, but one leaves hoarse from shouting so much. Shouting, says the
captain-instructor, is the best way to express hate, our first weapon against
the invading gringos. Even though this squalid newspaper does not give me much
space, I will summarize some of the training sessions to stimulate other fellow
countrymen that want to become hate lancers or become part of the asymmetric
Bolivarian militias and can continue training, endogenously, on their own.

course begins with readings on the Liberators wisdom. The captain says that the
Liberator was so lucid that he even imagined Bushs invasion. We fill a
notebook with the phrase The US seems destined by providence to fill Latin America with hunger and misery in the name of freedom
and then we stand up in front of a microphone for a few minutes, babbling the
largest amount of hate possible

use of bubble gum
. With some coupons that they give to us, we buy bags in the
cooperative filled with plenty of “Bazuka” gum at Mercal and we start
chewing to make huge balls of gum. We go out in a tour of lancers and we take
strategic positions, for example, in Valle Arriba, in the square in front of
the US Embassy, or at the exit of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter
Saints. We ride the bus with the previously identified gringos and when they
are going to sit down we place the ball on the seat. In this action, which is
apparently contradictory because it expresses hate, we truly have a ball.

giving Condoleezza what she deserves
. Some countrymen that are regenerating themselves
in jail, make real size dolls of that negrita that Chavez sent to Mision
Robinson. In groups of two, we put lancers in a dark room and we give the doll
what she deserves until it is destroyed. Female lancers get a picture of
Condoleezza. They stare at the picture and shout a number of times: Alert! Alert!
Bolivars sword is walking around Latin America
and they spit at the picture. Later they clean up the picture and save it
because they have to use it in more than one session.

practice with Bush
. Since the Kalasnikovs that the maximum leader bought from
his soul brother Putin have not arrived, we train with shotguns borrowed by our
fellow countrymen at the Yare jail. They place a picture of the invading leader
smiling, to get rid of the hate we have been accumulating. The lancers shoot
the picture, but Bushs smile is made out of a special shielded material and we
get even more pissed. When we empty out
the ammo, although we also end up quite empty of energy, we have to shout
twenty times: Bush! you shall not pass

with the academic committee
. The academic committee of our cooperative is a
civic-military one. That is, it is composed of the captain-instructor, two
lieutenants, four sergeants and the civilian that drives the Toyota for the captain and gets the coffees.
Every day they do a multiple choice test, but both male and female lancers are
obligated to pick answer C. I dont recall all the questions, but some of them
were like this: 1) You are swimming at a beach and a gringo next to you starts
drowning and calling for help. You have to: a) Call the lifesaver b) Help him
out with a rope c) Shout at him Dumb gringo why do you swim so deep if you cant
swim. Then you walk along the shore and drink a beer. 2) You are piloting a
plane (imagine Chavez plane) and are carrying a Frenchman from Total, a
Spaniard from Repsol and a gringo from Chevron. There is a malfunction and
there are only two parachutes to be distributed among the passengers. Following
the instructions of the endogenous Bolivarian aeronautics a) give a parachute
to the Frenchman and another to the Spaniard b) You give one to the Spaniard
and the other to the Frenchman c) You give the gringo an icon of a saint.

Another thing we are taught is that gringos are stupid.
That is easy to cheat on them and that we should not allow them to cheat us,
because lancer that allows himself to be cheated by a gringo, will never be a
good cheater himself.

Mixing endogenous tactics and strategy what is important
is to surprise them. That is why, when one lancer crosses a gringo on the
street you have to say with a smile Ay guan tu bi yor frien and when he
replies Mitu the lancer hits his right fist against his left palm and shouts
at him: Uh, ah Chavez no se va (Uh, ah , Chavez is not leaving)

The only little problem with the course was when they
invited gringa Eva Golinger to promote her book Chavez code. Many lancers were
confused about why she was there and like a bunch of crazy wolves, wanted to
give her what she deserved in the middle of the class. Obviously the
anti-gringo course had had an effect. Despite hitting them repeatedly with the
butt of the rifles they could not stop that sparkling mass of hate until the
captain showed up, raised his briefcase and said they were going to make the
payment of the one hundred dollars that was due to all. The calm was heavenly.
While they distributed the dole, he clarified that there are gringos that on
top of that, are good people.

Hate lancer of the Ezequiel Zamora class Number Ak-47