May 4, 2005

Socialism or McCarthysm by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

The Fogade
list that reached TalCual deserves a detailed investigation on the part of the
Prosecutor. In this case, we are not in front of a circumstance in which public
workers denounce discrimination or firings on an individual fashion, but facing
a systematic and complete job of classification and calification of ALL the
workers of a public institution according to their political preferences, to be
later accompanied by the use of the Tascon list to complete the previous
information with the data from the recall signatures.

It would
seem as if when Caldera Infante arrived at Fogade he “requested” that espionage
job of the new internal security unity. It is obvious that the work was done
using a payroll list that still included the previous President of Fogade,
Romulo Henriquez, as well as his trusted personnel, which can be freely hire
and removed, as is the custom, and, despite their classification as hard
Chavistas, they accompanied Henriquez in his departure. But the massive firings
of dozens of others workers of the regular payroll probably took place once the
Tascon list was consulted.

If the authenticity
of the document were to be determined-a job that belongs to the Prosecutor- a
number of disturbing questions arise. This repressive mechanism, simultaneously
McCarthyst and fascist, was an isolated case, localized at Fogade or it happened
also in other public institutions? It will be the job of the Prosecutor to elucidate
this point.

In any
case, this sort of backwards “Schindler’s list” evidences a methodical
repressive spirit, we could say sort of “industrial” scale, that coldly could decide
the destiny of people, totally depersonalized. You did not need to consult the
trajectory, curriculum, years of work. The workers had no face, they became
numbers and letter. They depended on those numbers and those letters.

Prosecutor’s Office either runs or races with this issue. This is not a
forgotten issue, facing a true Leviathan: but facing physical evidence of possible
abuses of power and political discrimination and segregation. Verifying it is
easy to do.

Adolfo Tascon’s
list and its consequences have transformed themselves in a public scandal. Chavez,
conscious of the magnitude of the McCarthiyst perversion, in a sleek move
forward, speared his sword on Tascon and shook off any responsibility. But he
produced a confession on his part, which requires no proof. However, there are
plenty of proofs. The one from Fogade shines on its own.

Prosecutor’s office, which grudgingly opened the inquiry, has material to work
with. Beginning with establishing things as obvious as Tascon’s responsibility,
which implies requesting the removal of his parliamentary immunity.

Or things
as obvious as the responsibility of Caldera Infante in the case of Fogade,
which should suppose his immediate separation from his job. It now depends squarely
on the Prosecutor’s Office whether McCarthyism establishes itself in this
country with impunity, as an official and definitive policy, or that it may b
defeated forever and excluded from our already stormy political life.

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