A Gallery of Cattleya Aclandie

May 29, 2005

I have four adult plants of Cattleya Aclandie, a Brazilian species, which is one of my favorites. I find it stunning and it has an amazingly strong fragrance. These plants are better grown in my experience in cork slabs. They do very well here in my house, they flower three or four times a year and other orchidiots are always impressed at the roots of my plants, they look like Vandas. I am not sure why they do so well in my home, I suspect that I grow them close to the roof of my orchid room which is glass with wire mesh and it is quite hot up there and they like that. They are also close to the sprinklers I have to keep humidity above 45% and they probably like to be sprayed often.

Right now I have three of the four adult plants in flower (I have other seedlings), so I thought it would be educational to show them all:

Above left, all three plants. the two in the bottom have two flower and the one on the top has three which is rare in Cattleya Aclandie. Above right is Cattleya Aclandie G. I put the G there to distinguish it from my other plants, it stands for Grande, since it is the largest of the three. This would probably be considered the better of the four I have. It’s flowers are large, it opens well and it has a nice lip. It is also probably the freest grower of the four.

Above left is Cattleya Aclandie Equilab x self. This is a seedling of whta is considered the best Aclandie. Notice how dark it is. Howver, it does not open completely and is smaller thatn G above. Fionally above right is Cattleya Aclandie Chocolat Chip x self. It has a nice shape, it opens well, nice lip, but it is very small. It does like to flowers in threes, which is rare.

I haven’t made crosses in a long time, but in March I started making some with these plants. Today I crossed “G” with itself, Equilab x “G: and Equilab x self. Basically, the ideal Aclandie will have the size of the “G” with the darkness of of the Equilab. Let’s see what happens.

Aclandies are not too common among vendors. People find them difficult or don’t know about them. I love them!


One Response to “A Gallery of Cattleya Aclandie”

  1. Egie Says:

    I have 3 pieces of the same catt aclandia growing in 3 different locations in 3 different substrate-in a pot w/ moss and pebble, mounted on cork w/ a little moss, in a small clay pot with moss. All grow in full sun-the one in moss/pebble in SW exposure, the other 2 in a west window. All grow in summer at whatever the ambient temp/weather is (I live in the Chicago IL area) with no air conditioning indoors and I put them out from mid spring to mid fall, weather permitting. They are all well grown with at least 6 growths each and are fed regularly. Can’t get a bloom on any of them. Any thoughts? The original piece I bought from one of the owners of Hoosiers Orchids and had evidence of past blooms, so I know IT can bloom…

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