Revolutionary solutions galore!

August 2, 2005

I used the word disbelief to describe what I felt when I heard Chavez and
Diosdado Cabello talk. I really don’t know which word to use today to describe
what I felt when I
heard the statement by the Minister of Justice and the Interior
Chacon say when swearing in the new Directors of the Investigative police
(CICPC) and I quote:

“To those that have the responsibility, which is not easy what they are facing,
but I am sure we are going to meet the challenge…you have two options, either
you win and we transform the CICPC or after this management we eliminate the

Anyone get the solution? If these guys are not successful in running the
investigative police, we will eliminate it. And then what? Is this from a
management book? Or he plans to give the job to the Cuban police? This is
simply ignorance. Institutions such as the CICPC work everywhere in the world
under competent and knowledgeable management. If it does not work, the
problem is not solved by getting rid of the institution. This is stupid; it is
like the old joke of the guy who sold the sofa, because his wife was cheating
on him with another man using the living room sofa. But this reflects the same
tragedy of the Chavez revolution I mentioned yesterday, Chacon is another
unconditional, mediocre, former military that Chavez likes to have around. With
incompetent people like him, nothing will ever get done.

Oh! By the way, this is the same
guy in charge of the infamous maintenance and disaster prevention committee
that Chavez named. Maybe they should eliminate that too!

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