Easy to vote

August 7, 2005

Went to vote, very easy, no lines whatsoever. I left late to get my
mother to go with me, we voted and I dropped her off in less than
thirty minutes. I actually drove around to see if there were lines
anywhere, I visited about ten centers of all social classes, I saw
lines only in a lower midlle class area in Chacao in the East of
Caracas, but none in the West.

Below is the picture of where I voted, there are six people in the
picture of which only two are voters, the lady with yellow shirt
sitting down and a person you can barely see behind the cardboard boxes
on the left behind the guy standing up. On the right is a picture of my
finger after being dipped in the iodine based ink. Who needs
fingerprint capturing machines so that people don’t vote twice, when
you put that on on everyone’s finger? I’ve washed it twice and have
barely made a dent on it! Crazy!

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