Corruption, autocracy and impunity in the revolution

August 9, 2005

Here is clear evidence of corruption in the revolution. The full page ad on
the left was published today in at least all of Caracas’ major newspapers. It
is a self-congratulatory ad by the Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas, who
is a member of Chavez’ MVR. Congratulating Venezuela, because the
“people” have won. On the right I have blown up the symbol of the city,
which was stolen from Harris as reported earlier,
in another act of unethical behavior. It also says among other things
“With Chavez only one Government” and in the top part the voting
“ballots” for Chavez’ MVR and the phantom party UVE, then “The votes of
the social groups increased” which is certainly a sentence without
content and then “Now to work for more unity, with Chavez and the
people, with only one Government for the revolution of the XXIst.
century”. Somewhere else it also self-congratulates his party for the use
of the illegal “twins” or “morochas”.

Now, to begin with Mayor Juan Barreto is using public funds to
finance promotion of a party, its activities and self-congratulate
themselves This is illegal according to two Venezuelan laws, the one
that regulates political parties and the anti-courruption law. But of
course, nothing will happen, this is the same way they finance their
marches, their voting drives and even their personal activities. And nothing ever happens.

It is not clear what the 96% refers to, maybe the percentage of
councilmen they received in the races, but in any case it is deceiving,
because they did not get that percentage of votes. But it goes in line
with that autocartic and dicatorial and anti-democratic frame of mind
that likes to win with 99% of the votes, a la Saddam or Mugabe.

But the messages that
bothers me the most are its autocratic tone, things like saying “only one Government” and
the like, as well as the partisan message in what may have been at most an
institutional ad. The references to Chavez and Chavismo are certainly
completely out of line and illegal.

Additionally, I still find it amazing at the lack of shame for using
what is nothing but illegal cheating to win more positions, wehn they
congratulate themselves for using the “morochas’ trick. This
clearly shows the unethical nature, the innate corruption and the lack
of scruples of this sad robolution.

In any case, another demonstration of the corruption and autocratic
nature of the Chavistas and the impunity surrounding the robolution.


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