Democracy in the Venezuelan pretty revolution marches on

August 29, 2005

It was a wonderful weekend for the democracy in the Venezuelan
revolution as one could see democratic acts and statements sprouting
all over the place. I picked the three best ones for your enjoyment:

–Chavista leader Lina Ron on the “twin” electoral system and the upcoming elections for the National assembly:

electoral mechanisms that were used were valid. Of course I agree with
the “twin”system; what I do not share is what some comrades are saying
that we have to leave one third of the seats in the Assembly to the
oppsoition and we will keep the rest. I think we have to take all of
them away. It must be a revolutionary National Assembl, completely
bolivaraian, in these circumstances I would not even give them any

–Chavista Deputy of the National Assembly Iris Varela on how Chavez’ MVR will choose its candiadets for teh National Assembly:

who do not accept discipline and loyalty to the desision taht they will
be chosen in Caracas by the leadership will be left out”

To think she was a member of so many patrties before joining the revolution.

then hats off to this group of Chavistas expressing their love of the
oppossition, fellow Venezuelan men and women, by using the marchers
last Saturday for target practice (Note gun in right hand of guy with the light cap on the right):

Yes, democracy is really moving forward in the pretty revolution. At all levels!

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