Venezuela is not made of paper by Lolita Aniyar de Castro

September 28, 2005

Lolita Aniyar de Castro is an academic criminologist who was elected as
Governor of Zulia state for the MAS (Movement towards Socialism) party
in 1993 to replace in Dic. 93 the Governor of that State who was running
for President. She wrote this article in today’s Tal Cual:

Venezuela is not made of paper

What are you making of Venezuela, you round President? Where are you
taking it? Tell me, because I voted for you. You no longer have that
emaciated face that we all saw on TV. At that moment, people like me, of
the anti authoritarian left, that had confronted all of the corruption
of the previous Governments, believed that you were a way out of so much

We wanted a healthier democracy, moor horizontal, with more
participation. We can all make mistakes, if we know how to ask for

I ask my country for forgiveness. I was away and had not seen your fist
hit the palm of your other hand. Sensitive like I am to symbols, I would
have known what waited for my country, compressed between those hands
that are hitting it without mercy, while you smile.

I also voted for the Constitution. I ask for forgiveness, I beg that you
all forgive me! I make public contrition, painful and shameful, of my
errors. It was blinding for my heart impregnated of teachings about
human rights, that text that recognized all the rights that I had fought
for in my academic and political life.

I ask for forgiveness to see if you learn to ask for it too, not when
you are on your knew and without power, but now that you have
accumulated all of the power in your pockets, even those human rights
that you proclaimed. I forgot (I am sorry!) what I always said in my
courses and wrote in my books that in fake democracies the Constitutions
is used for everything but it is seldom followed. That the law is
symbolic and even theatrical and it “does things with words”. That is,
that people believe more in what is said than what is done.

Then I saw you walk making political “S'”. First you said that you were
with the Third Way. Then you hung on to your uniformed fellow, the Said
Ceresole. Then it was the Sea of Happiness. Later the confusing theory
of the German-Mexican that recently visited us: or you go running to ask
Fidel each time you don’t know what to do. Is it that you don’t know
what to do with Venezuela?

What potpourri of Stalinist, mussolinist, communist, socialist,
cooperativist, peronist, miltarist theories have those that surrounded
you up to now introduced into the mixing bowl of your brain? You have
played marbles with Venezuela. You have wiped your buttocks with it.
Because you don’t tell the country what is that “XXIst. Century
socialism” that you are accepting today. (Tomorrow, who knows!)

Why don’t you explain? Return our self-esteem to us, which was one of
the most stimulating virtues of Venezuelans. We have a right to know
where we are going, those that voted for you and those that did not vote
for you. Of socialism we have read and seem many types, both in history
and in books. Some we like, others we don’t. But we have doubts about
you. Many doubts.

Of your coherence to govern, of course, not of your inclination to be
emperor. There you are very clear. And that is what strikes the hardest
this horizontal and democratic heart of mine.


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