Censorship, black widows and fascist Government officers

September 29, 2005

Vice Minister of Information and Communications on whether Walter
Martinez from the Dossier program in the Government’s TV station was
censored or not when his program was cancelled:

“We only asked that he rectify his conduct”

Of course, Martinez did not, so they cancelled this program. Clearly the
Minister has no clue what freedom of speech is. With Vice-Minister of
Information like that, freedom of speech is clearly non existent. You
can say what you want, but hey, you may be asked to rectify! Martinez’
crime? He said there was a lot of corruption, he had proof and talked
about fake Chavistas with red berets just to make a buck. Martinez still
says he supports the Government.

I always talk about the Chavez praying mantis effect of which Martinez
was a victim. There is also the black widow effect, as told by
journalist Claudio Nazoa in his weekly column in reference to Martinez’

“Revolutions are like black widows, spiders that kill their mate after
they have used them to copulate. Those that persecute today, one day
will be persecuted. Those that suck up and squeal on others, tomorrow
will call us to tell us that they did not know about the things that
were happening.”

Couldn’t have said it better, in criollo “A cada cochino le llega su
Sabado”, all of you pro-Chavez Venezuelans reading this: Remember this,
because we will not forget!

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