The promises of Hugo Chavez

January 9, 2006

It is amazng the HQBS that can be delivered by the President, all in yesterday’s Alo Presidente:

The engineers that built the viaduct knew it was vulnerable

Sure, they just did not do anything just to embarrass Hugo Chavez 53 years later.

If the Vargas tragedy did not defeat us in 1999, and
that was a true tragedy, we will manage this problem and you will see we will
come out of it strengthened and we will benefit from it

I hope you don’t manage it like that one and that you don’t come out as
weakened as the poor people of Vargas.

At the end of February the contingency route will be finished

Yeah, sure, and forty days after Nov. 14th. 2004 you will
announce the plan to end poverty in Venezuela

I guarantee that in the first quarter of 2007, we will finish the new

(Please readers, be respectful and don’t laugh at this one). Yes Hugo, you
don’t even have a soil study or a project and you will have your wonderful managers and
engineers do it in less than 15 months. (Sorry, I had to laugh at the end)

We will build a tunnel through the Avila Mountain that would exit from
Cota Mil near La Pastora…this will all be finished in less than four

Yes Hugo, we understand and there will be no homeless kids in Venezuela by

they are desperate because of the ten million votes

No, Hugo you are desperate because of the promised ten million votes…

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