Surprise: More Species

January 16, 2006

Two different Cattleya Intermedia from Brazil, a fairly large one on the left, a cross between Cat. Intermedia Flamea and Sonia on the right. The one on the right is a seedling, very small plant, the flower is almost as big as the young plant itself.

On the left is a Brazilian Cattleya that I love: Cattlleya Warneri. This is a plant given to me long ago when I visited Ricsel in Porto Alegre Brazil, I brought the owner some venezuelan plants and he gave me this plant telling me it is one of the best Warneri’s around. It certainly looks like it!. On the right is an Asian species I have shown before a Cirrhopetalum Gracillinum. The flower is very delicate, the hair-like thinks going down move easily with the breeze, which makes it hard to take pictures. But this one came out really well.

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