More hybrids than species!

January 29, 2006

Above two species. On the left A spectacular Cattleya Schilleriana, the yellow in the lip is beautiful. On the right three Sophronitis Cernua flowers. My Cernuas are now almost free flowering, demonstrating that they key to flowering in thsi species is just water, water, water. I have them under the sprinkler of the misting system which goes on when the humidity in the orchid room goes below 50%.

On the left a huge Laeliocattelya Persepolis, very nice shape and size, a pity the lip is so twisted. On the right another free flowerer Slc. Tangerine Jewel. I have a few of these plants and they flower most of the year. They grow so much that I have been moving them outside the orchid room in partial shade. They initially don’t do great, the old leaves are burnt, but then they start flwoeing and do quite well with the new leaves not shwoing any burns.

This is old realiable Slc. Ronald Hauserman. The flowers are absolutely huge. The sepals are almost like cardboard. Note that there are two flowers on each side. This is one of my favorite hybrids, I have about three plants now, all coming form a two inch seedling I bought in Hawaii many years ago.

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