Venezuela’s high Scotch Whisky consumption in 2005

January 30, 2006

I was going to comment on this news about Venezuela’s Scotch Whisky consumption, but this article from American Thinker has largely stolen my thunder. I always say that I always feel Venezuelan, except when it comes to not drinking Scoth and arriving punctually on time. I have never understood the local fascination with Scotch and would love to understand it better. We have great and reasonably priced rhums, so why the Scoth craze? I am the wrong person to ask. I once went to a wedding where after a glass of champagne, all you could drink the rest of the evening was Scotch. I left early, I like Coca Cola, but come on!

But you have to wonder whether Chavez will ban Scotch at official functions, much like he banned the use of Santa Claus and other symbols of foreign influence last Christmas. I doubt it, Scotch is as deeply ingrained in the Venezuelan psyche as baseball, Christmas trees, Panetone, nuggat and one of our national staples:hallacas, which have very foreign raisins and almonds embedded in them. But what I find remarkable is that 2002 is the record, but we are now approaching it, despite the graph I posted two days ago. But this time I do have an economic explanation: First the old oligarchy keeps drinking Scotch as many of them are making money hand over fist with the “robolution” which can’t resist a comission, add to that the new oligarchy, called the “boliburgeois”, who love the 18 year old Scotch and have become the new businessmen of the revolution and the near record consumption of Scotch in 2005 needs no further explanation.

And the poor? Waiting for the VIth. Republic.

One Response to “Venezuela’s high Scotch Whisky consumption in 2005”

  1. “Animal Farm” all over again! Orwell wrote Venezuelan history 70 years ago!!

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