The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is the chief of injustice in Venezuela

January 31, 2006

morning in a TV program, the President of the Venezuelan Supreme Court (see report
in Tal Cual
) had the audacity of suggesting that the chanting that took
place the other day in the inaugural session of the Supreme Court for the year
2006, was nothing more than a case of euphoria, the people expressing their
happiness at “the opening of an electoral year”. (Yes, he said
electoral, the event had nothing to do with elections, but that is all these
people think about each day) He said that it was not only the judges that
chanted, but their families and the workers of the highest Court of the land. He
called the event intranscendental and just due to happiness.

I then ask
you Mr. Mora: If the High Court of the land should reflect non-partisanship and
independence, how come such a high percentage of those present expressed that
euphoria and happiness at the President’s presence, while barely 18% of the voters
managed to show up at the recent regional elections? Why weren’t Venezuelans showing
that same euphoria that day, staying home and exhibiting an apathy that has
clearly become a huge cause for concern within the Government?

And then you
contradict yourself and the way you have acted so far in the Supreme Court. You,
Mr. Mora said: “it is not good for judges to be allowed to be carried away by
their emotions that may put in doubt the autonomy of the Judicial Power”

Didn’t you just contradict yourself there? Do you follow the same irrational
logic in your decisions? Maybe I now understand most of them Mr. Mora. You come out in defense of the Government regularly;
give opinions in cases that you may be involved, even before they are brought
to you and the Hall you preside has yet to rule against any of the positions of
the Chavez Government. Moreover, whenever an international human rights organization
criticizes the Chavez Government, you claim it is an intromission in the
country’s affairs. In that way, you are simply helping to violate those same
rights. Who are you defending then?

Justice Mora, justice in Venezuela is not doing very well, not only do most Justices
in the Court that you preside chant and jump in praise of that autocrat called
Hugo Chavez, but one Venezuelan is killed daily in the country’s jails and
after seven years of “cleaning up” the judicial system, close to 40% of the judicial
positions have yet to be filled permanently. While cases against opposition figures,
some of them basically irrelevant in the scale of what is going on in the
country, are prosecuted and persecuted relentlessly, murder, assassination and
corruption cases are not followed up in the most outrageous impunity this country
has even seen. Chavista murderers go free, tried by Judges that have been in
some cases, convicted
murderers themselves
. Judges who do not rule according to the Government’s
line of thinking are shamelessly and routinely removed within days of their
decisions. Civilians are tried by military Courts and the Court itself expanded
itself using an unprecedented interpretation of the Constitution. Additionally,
for the first time in Venezuela’s
history, a case tried by your Court, has been admitted for review under the
same arguments rejected before!


The truth
is that the grotesque and shameful spectacle that you and most of your
colleagues held in what should have been such a solemn occasion, simply shows
how servile you are to Hugo Chavez, how you have no independent criteria and
how your personal gain, profit and position is above your ethics and

interview today was as disgusting as the show you presided over the other day
and simply proves that our Justice system is not in good hands. In fact, it is
in the worst of possible hands. You have become part of the autocracy. You no
longer protect the people or defend Justice; you have sold yourself in the name
of power and personal gain.

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