Lots of species

May 29, 2006

I had not posted pictures for a while because the battery charger for
my camera went on the blonk. Today I decided I had too many nice
species in flower, so I took some pictures with AC power. This is very
inconvenient for taking pictures of orchids as you have the wire
connected to the camera and as you move it gets tangled and
disconnected. Hopefully I will receive the new charger soon.

Above two more Laelias Pupurata from Brazil. The one on the left is exquisite, very large with four rather big flowers and some straition on the bcak of the sepals and petals. The one on the right is pretty, but when you put them next to each other, it can’t match the color, lip or size of the other.

On the left a Cattleya Bicolor from Brazil. This is a tricky plant but it decided two years ago to grow vigoruously and flower regularly. I love the contrast between the green and the pink. On the right a frequent visitot to these pages, a Cattleya Aclandie from my largest plant. This is a piece I cut to give to a friend last Octobre and it is already flowering on its own.

On the left is a Brassavola Nodosa. I am never happy with my pictures of this flower. It usually ahs many flowers and the flowers are spindly and it is difficult to take a picture in focus. On the right is a Dendrobium from Australia that I alwsy forget the name of, will post when I remember it.

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