When hearsay becomes an affidavit, will the Prosecutor investigate?

June 7, 2006

Our esteemed General Prosecutor said when former Justice Velasquez Alvaray that the recordings and statements made by Velasquez where simply gossip and he did not investigate gossip (At least against Chavistas). Well, in today’s Tal Cual, the newspaper shows two pages from an affidavit that arrived anonymously at the newspapers office in which the first circuit control Judge of Bolivar State and his assistant say that they were called on the phone by people who identified themselves as convicted murderer and Judge Maikel Moreno and the Vice-President so they keep their hands off the candidate as Mayor for the Caroni municipality Saul Cordero who was charged with eight counts for crimes ranging from illegitimately jailing someone to abuse of power.

Of course, in this country where justice is “supposed” to be beginning to work this has not been investigated. It is gossip or hearsay according to the General Prosecutor!

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