Please visit new soccer blog by Venezuelan pundit/bloggers

June 12, 2006

In fake news today, the Venezuelan Government has started an investigation of the new soccer/football blog started by well known anti-Government bloggers. It appears significant that this was started just as the US was starting to play in the World Cup, suggesting funding from Mr. Danger himself to hail the triumphs of the US in the World Cup. The Government has hired a US firm, North American Opinion Research, to do a statistical test of the opinions of the new blog with those of the New York Times and Mr. Danger himself on soccer matters to detect subtle correlations.(The CNE said that it found any statistical testing absolutely unacceptable) The absence of other bloggers in the effort suggests an important rift in the TAC or the possibility that all of the blogs are actually written by the same person, a hypothesis handled by the intelligence police DISIP and Chavez himself for many months.

Asked about it, Devil’s Poop said: “I am a Red Sox fan and this year the Red Sox will not be going to the World Cup, too many Dominicans in the team and Trinidad and Tobago eliminated them from competition, but I think the Czech Republic will win”. Alek Boyd could not be reached for comment, probably afraid of being accused of treason by Mayor Livingston if he did not say England would win.

President Chavez made no comment either; while exuberant over the loss by the US team, he was still despondent over the defeat of the Iranian eleven earlier in the day. He said he would visit North Montenegro as soon as the World Cup was over or the team was eliminated, whichever came first. He has no travel plans for the next seven days, so he could use the trip to get away from his multiple problems.

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