A bad day for Venezuelan democracy

June 27, 2006

Not much can be said, I thought that what the oppsoition needed to get people going was a primary, but today Sumate said that there is no longer time to organize one. This is disheartening, as I have said before what this country needs is more democracy and we seem not to be getting more from either side. Primero Justicia candidate Julio Borges said that he was still committed to primaries, while the Government obviously rejoiced with Vice-President Rangel saying the opposition was simply burying a cadaver, while Minsiter of Communications Lara said that the primaries were Bush’s Troy Horse (??).Sumate basically is saying taht thsi was their timetable and if they want primaries it is now or never.

Now either the candidates agree to a primary quickly or they decide among themselves who the candidate should be. I still believe that the primary was the better mechanism, no matter what. It is more democratic, allows people to participate and, in my own opinion, it was a mechanism to get people mobilized. Nothing was ever lost by asking people what they think.

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