Four Species

June 29, 2006

I find Cattleya Violacea to be so elegant. Thsi is the second time this plant flowers and it is much better in both size and shape than before. Plant has three flowers, two shown on the left and then a close up of the one on the right. Beautiful, no?

Above left, not a great picture but this is Cattleya Leopoldii from Brazil. I could not get the petals and sepals in focus and I will be travelling and will noy have time to take another picture. Top right, Dendrobium Thyrsyflorum from Asia, beatufil hanging lantern-like bunch with flwoers that are white and bright yellow, it is an impressive sight. I remember teh first time I saw one of these I thought I had to have one. This plant almost died on me when I moved, it has recovered well, lots of leaves but this time only three bunches. One of these years it will have ten or twelve.

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