Mexican scientists fast at work on analizing electoral results

July 11, 2006

Hats off to Mexican
scientists that in just a week
are producing data and short papers and posts on the analysis of the elections
in Mexico.
If Venezuelan scientists had responded with similar speed and flexibility maybe
some part of history may have been changed with the 2004 RR. Maybe the precedent

The paper
on Benfordís law by Mansilla
finds some discrepancies with the 8th.
and 9th. digit, which may be statistically significant, but nothing like those
found in the No vote for the RR, it will be interesting to see in the future
further detailed statistical analysis like what was done in Venezuela and what it may
tell us.

There is also a long
analysis and discussion by Mochan on the
evolution of the reported vote on the night of the election and the recount. Lots
of data and comments, but I have not digested it sufficiently to understand
even the graphs he is showing, but it looks quite interesting.

I guess those Governments that
want to cheat in future elections in LA are going to have to hire scientists so
that whatever they do to change the outcome matches all of these tests for the adequacy of their
fudged results.

Maybe one day UNEFA will honor them?

I find the whole thing very cool!

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