Dr. Barreto by Teodoro Petkoff

August 23, 2006

Dr. Barreto
by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

Yesterday the metropolitan
Mayor, doctor Juan Barreto, victim of one of his proverbial hydrophobic attacks,
starred in a deplorable spectacle, insulting and assaulting his colleagues from
Chacao and Baruta, the middle class in general, which it considers “putrid” and
“brutalized by money” (We don’t know if he was referring to those whose soirées
he goes to with pleasure, to have his pictures taken for the society pages) and
finally he launched, for the nth. time, his threat to expropriate the golf
courses of La Lagunita, to build “popular housing”, with the incredible added
commentary that if he feels like it, he could expropriate a whole municipality.
Never had doctor Barreto barked so loud, after all, under his management he has
not bitten anyone and has starred in a colossal failure as metropolitan burgomaster.

Perhaps therein lies the
explanation for his cheap bully attitude. The failure; the horror in which he
has turned that part of the city in which he mostly exercises his mandate, with
the aid of his rival Freddy Bernal- who, by the way, complains that doctor
Barreto perturbs his management with constant useless and inefficient
intromissions- and which contrasts with the clamor in those parts of the
metropolitan areas where those assaulted by him carry themselves out much more
efficiently. The insults and violence were a compensation mechanism for his
ego, damaged by his own incompetence and incapacity for doing anything

But that is not all. Doctor
Barreto is also an expression of the worry and concern that has begun to go
around some of the corners of power, given the perspective of electoral results
that no longer ratify the triumph of the ten million votes and of the two
extended hands to symbolize those numbers. Chavez already gave us a little
“discount” and reduced it to six million. They are going to have to saw four
fingers off the two little hands, which leaves five on one and one on the
other, in that classic position in which hitting both hands, with the index of
one between the index finger and the big finger of the other, Venezuelans are
saying “Six million? No way!” the perception that the space is narrowing, that
the opposition appears united and with a visible face, while the internal
fights within MVR and between that and its partners are corroding the campaign,
is beginning to create desperation. Those that can not control their nerves,
like Juan Barreto, incur in those brutal and regrettable blunders, with which
they believe they can manipulate the
popular sectors that trusted them before and that no longer even believe even
in the Creed. Caracas,
especially in its two extremes of the East and the West, is a social powder keg
that has completely overflowed the mayors of officialdom and doctor Barreto.
They can’t handle that load and the people perceive it each day more clearly.

That has doctor Barreto
uncomfortable; he can no longer control himself. What makes us curious is to
see how he is going to expropriate a whole municipality. It would a historical
landmark of a the universal scale.


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