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Narvaez Square under the negligent supervision of the revolution

September 2, 2006

In 1982 when the subway station in La Hoyada in downtown Caracas was opened, the Metro de Caracas honored artist Francisco Narvaez
by creating the Narvaez Plaza and placing a sculpture by him which perhaps could be considered today to be
ironically called “Harmony of volume and space” in the middle of the
square. This is a picture of the square, the sculpture and the entrance
to the subway circa 1999:

to the populist nature of the Government, the Mayor of the Libertador
District of Caracas allowed street vendors to invade numerous public
places in the cities to sell their wares. The Plaza Narvaez was one of
those places invaded. The Mayor of that district appears to have since
regretted what he did, attempting to move street vendors from certain
areas. A year ago, they claimed they would clear Narvaez Plaza, but so
far they have apparently made no effort to do so. The sculpture sits
there, in the middle of the stalls, as if trying not to drown in the
sea of tin and canvas roofs:

needs to be said, this is what happens when populism, negligence and
incompetence take over. This is another accomplishment of the “pretty”
revolution.(Thanks Freddy F.and not Bernal)

Random Musings on a Saturday morning

September 2, 2006

controlled prices went up
1.5% in the month of August, who is controlling them?

happened to Telesur?

–What can
Chavez attack Rosales’ record on the
environment, given his dismal record on the subject?

–Why is intolerance
an intrinsic trait of the new pseudo-Democratic Latin American left?

–Why did
the Court force CANTV to pay retired workers minimum salary (even if they
receive the same from social security), while the Government can retire
them paying less?

Chavez resign if he loses the proposed
referendum approving his indefinite reelection?

–Why does
Carabobo Governor Acosta Carles want to expropriate
the golf course of Valencia Country Club if land is not a problem there?

–Why are the
by the Mayor’s office and Chavez’ MVR party calling for new voters to register
identical and why do they use the colors of MVR in both?

–Why are
the search engines of Venezuelan newspapers so crummy?

–Where is
the money for the reconstruction of Vargas state? Where is the investigation
into it

–Why can
Chavez’ MVR use the communist party’s red color?

–Where is Adinas Bastidas?

–What does it mean to say Globovision helped Carlos Ortega escaped?