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Helping the London poor or solidarity with the rich

September 15, 2006

So, Daniel squares off in London’s Evening Standard below with the
“International Secretary of the Hands off Venezuela Campaign” who
somehow wants to justify Venezuela subsidzing the diesel to the London
Metropolitan bus system, as a subsidy for the poor. This person should
travel to Venezuela and realize that the 10 percentile of the poorest
in London that rides that system is likely to be in the top 90
percentile of wealth in Venezuela. Poor in a city like London, with the highest
standard of living in Europe, could even be middle class in Venezuela, but
explain that to ignorant  PSF’s! That subsidy to London, is as nutty as the US$ 10
billion subsidy which Venezuelans with cars receive when they buy a
gallon of gasolline for some US$ 0.16. Those that have cars in this
country are in the top 30% of the population by wealth, if not higher.

correctly points out that the Mayor of London will hopefully do a
follow up on the aid promised by Chavez, to make sure it is not more than the usual
bombastic announcemnet that our President has accustomed us to, such as
the eight employment programs that never materialized, the many joint ventures with companies abroad (Petrobras says deals with Venezuela have had a 100% failure rate) or the
Petrocaribe program, which one year after its creation, only 5 countries
are receving, of the 16 that signed up for it. Some countries did have the dignity not to do participate it realizing the meaning and objectives of the program.

Meanwhile Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual also puts in his two cents, calling the PSF Mayor of London “a pimp by vocation” in the artcile below blasting Hugo’s latest solidarity with the rich antics.

Hugo saves London by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

Our guy, definitely is raving by now

His last crazy idea is astonishing: to sell, at reduced prices, below
those of the marketplace, 1 million 300 thousand barrels of diesel a year to the
city of London, whose city council will “pay” with technical advise to the City
Council of Caracas on matters of garbage collection, transit and others of the same
type. The diesel will be used to move the fleet of municipal buses of the English
capital. Thus, a small and backwards country, full of poor people, with its President
“concerned” for the poor of London, will insure them cheaper transport, while
in Caracas urban transport is one of the items that hits the pockets of the
poor the most. One of the Earth’s biggest powers, England, which on top of that is an
oil power, will receive such treatment form a poor country.

But, on his side, the Mayor of London. Mr. Livingstone, demonstrates an
amazing vocation as a pimp. With all his leftwing beliefs (the man belongs to
the Labor party’s left) all of those slogans about the solidarity among the
people and the like, which should have taken him to offer Caracas those
consulting jobs for free, he just flushed them in the toilet and grabbed that
easy offer from the irresponsible south American President, because that guy is
indeed an “internationalist”, tailored after the old revolutionary style. Except
that this temporarily wealthy President is inaugurating a new form of “internationalism”:
at the same time that he denounces imperialism, he helps solve the problems of
the great imperial powers. For the English, what is happening must be a source
of consternation, but for us Venezuelans it is a scorn, an outrage, an insult. To
the squandering of our money, to the giving away of dollars to other countries,
to demential projects such as financing a fort in the border of Bolivia with
Brazil, we now add this gesture towards the London Mayor, which simply overflows
our patience. It is one thing to express solidarity with those that are doing
worse than us, to which we will never refuse anything and a completely
different one to have delirious waste, carried out only to strengthen the pedestal
of the statute that Chavez is building at the planetary scale.

His non sense invades other areas too. As a continental referee, naming
the rope in the home of the hanged, he “evaluates” the possibilities of reestablishing
relations with Mexico
because, according to him. The elections in that country had “strange happenings”
You need balls!

Chavez protesting for electoral irregularities in
another country! He could not stand a report from the European Union about the Venezuelan
elections without being seized with a hydrophobic attack, but in a laid back
way becomes a busybody and intervenes in matters that he has not been called
upon to even give an opinion. As if that were not enough, he now offers help to
Iran “in any setting” if it
were invaded by the US.
Is he going to stop selling Venezuelan oil to the US in that case? Is he going to
send troops to Miami?
Is he going to send them eventually to Iran? Anyone can allow himself a
certain level of being a bragging, but without abusing it. This ridicule is
simply too big!