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Chavez, the other Devil and that awful sulfur stink at the UN

September 20, 2006

(Thanks Mora and Gabo for pics)
Chavez at the UN today:

The Devil is at home, the Devil himself is at home, the devil came here
yesterday, the devil was here at this same place, here in the same place
it still smells like sulfur, this table where it is my turn to talk
from, yesterday ladies and gentleman, from this same tribune the
President of the US, who I call the Devil, came to talk as if he was the
owner of the world, a psychiatrist would be necessary to analyze the
speech of the President of the US, as spokesman of imperialism he came
to give us his recipes to maintain the current scheme of domination, of
exploitation and of looting the people of the world.

You can watch it here or here(Thanks Pedro), in English partially here. US Ambassador to Venezuela says calling someone a Devil is something for churches to do, not for Governments. State Department rejects personal attacks.

I guess after the two speeches, the stink must be unbearable.