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Intolerant Chavista hoodlums attack Rosales’ rally

September 7, 2006

Things are getting interesting. Rosales had a rally today in what
used to be a traditional hardcore Chavista area of Caracas
and he is attacked with rocks, bottles and bullets by a bunch of intolerant people wearing
red t-shirts and distributing pamphlets with a picture of Rosales at the Miraflores Palace on April 11th. 2002, asking that the law (??) be enforced in that case. The march continues and Rosales calls this
an ambush by Chavistas and says (audio here)
that Chavez and the Government are responsible for any attack. Rosales even accuses the
National Guard for defending the shooters and even suggests that a Russian
rifle was used. Rosales is not scared away and continues his rally successfully.

Immediately, the Minister of the Interior and Justice Jesse
Chacon holds
a press conference
and actually accuses people from the Rosales camp for
being responsible for the shootings and shows pictures of one person with a weapon.
But even a Chavista Director of a Hospital in Catia says
the aggression was “spontaneous” because Rosales is a coup plotter and the guy
was there and should not come and visit Catia! How sweet and democratic these Government officials are!

Even funnier, the Prosecutor’s Office, opens an investigation
basing it only on the news and calls publicly for Rosales to “formalize” his accusations,
something they never did with Chavez’ dozens of accusations that Bush or the opposition
was trying to kill him. We are still waiting fir the evidence or the
investigation if the bazooka shown was always the same or not.

Later, Rosales says
that the Government is getting scared too early and that Chavez is hiding
behind the pants of the military, rather than trying to match him “vote by vote”
and that he
is sure
he will win the popular vote in Catia in December. Continuing his
recent collection of great one liners, Rosales called Chavez’ statement that a
recall vote should be held against Rosales in Zulia “a great stupidity, he can’t
fill the bullfighting arena, how is he going to even get the signatures to call
for the recall?”

As Rosales said, the Government is certainly getting
nervous. I am not sure I believe Bocaranda’s
of a poll giving him a 72% lead in some popular areas of Venezuela,
but the quickness with which the Government is reacting to anything that Rosales
says or is involved with, shows that the numbers are changing and they are
trying to contain the ternd.

The more the intolerant and fascist nature of the Government
comes out in these reactions, the better and the more it shows the lack of
coordination and the incoherence of the Government like what happened today and
the better Rosales will look to the voters. Unfortunately for Chavez, Rosales
is not campaigning to get the middle class vote; he is campaigning to take
votes away from Chavez constituency among the popular classes where he has always
been so successful.

Clearly, their quick irritation with anything Rosales shows they are concerned. To me that is a better indication that the dynamics changing that the results o any poll that may be publsihed.