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Long day, long and wasted eight years!

September 17, 2006

It has been a long weekend, lots of things to say after Chavez, during Chavez’ one day visit to Venezuela, has
talked on and on and on all afternoon and evening, rambling as he welcomes the “peaceful” President of Iran, who “only” wants to obliterate Israel.This does not make the Venezuelan-Jewish community very happy,
they decide this is too much for their
dignity, as it should be. Will other groups take a stand or are they too busy making moeny?

Meanwhile, Rosales protested the closeness of
Venezuela’s relations with a terrorist country, which certainly sets
him appart from the autocrat’s view of the world. Chavez , on teh other hand, refuses to recognize Calderon as president of Mexico, clearly intervening in that country’s affairs when he refuses to accept
what Mexico’s Electoral Court did. So, we lose our good and close friends in
order to satisfy the whims and hormonal problems of the by now nutty
autocrat, whose agenda does not represent that of Venezuelan citizens or Venezuela, Venezuelans could not tell or empathize with an Iranian if they saw one (Some of my best friends are Iranian, but they left long ago!) and could care less about
those country’s problems, much like Chavez acts with this country’s problems.Yes, the problems for the average Venezuelan are
how to eat and how to survive, while Chavez keeps giving away the wealth
and the country to others. Of course, he eats well daily and he dresses even better.He is part of the new and wealthy Venezuelan robolutionary oligarchy.

As China decides to get caterpillar
tractors, Venezuela goes with crappy Iranian ones, Chavez lets these
foreigners run the joint tractor venture, despite the 50/50 split (Even if I
have no proof the Iranains ever paid their share). Very quickly, a strike
hits the plant as the Iranians refuse to increase salaries, because
profits will dissapear and they even try to fire people when they go on
strike. So, let’s now build a petrochemical plant! Wonder who will run it? You have to love fundamentalist capitalism, which contrasts
with XXIst. Century Socialism, which we are told we will find out what
it’s before Chavez leaves in 2027. Could Iranian capiatlism and the new oligarchy’s corruption decide one day to stop the robolution?

But it is late. I am tired, it has been a long weekend with orchids and all and I can only smile when I see where Alek showered
this morning, but have to wonder how many foreigners (or PSF’s for that
matter) even got the meaning of that picture. I can not even find the
link to the silly interview where our chief stupid President says Fidel
is and should be the President of Venezuela and the Universe. What is with Hugo
Chavez? Doesn’t he even have dignity? He acts around Fidel like a
little kid around Micky Mouse. Hopefully that silly bearded mousy icon will
be dead soon, so that Chavez and Venezuela can get on with their life,
their needs and the much needed agenda, because so far, it has simply

EIGHT LOST YEARS! using a sign that you can see all over Caracas these days, except much like the picture above they are chopping off fingers as their goals and promises, like everything else, are simply reduced. Hopefully, they will lose at least one hand….