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Conspiracy theories, clowns and the price of tomatoes leave this blogger speechless

September 12, 2006

As a blogger, I like to comment on the news, unless they leave me almost
speechless, like these essentially verbatim excerpts of
statements by President
Hugo Chavez from Bloomberg and the
by the Venezuelan Foreign Minsiter Nicolas Maduro, suggesting the September 11 was a conspiracy between George Bush and the Binladen family:


“Venezuelan President Hugo
Chavez said the U.S.
government may have been involved in the Sept. 11 attacks to help justify
invasions of Afghanistan and

The theory that is gaining force is that
the U.S.
empire planned and conducted this terrible act against its own people to
justify its aggression,” Chavez, 52, said during a ceremony broadcast on
state-run Venezolana de Television.

Chavez said the World Trade
Center’s twin towers
might have collapsed because they were dynamited and urged American authorities
to look into the theory.”

Maduro (Partially in English here):

“The Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, spoke today about the
terrorist attacks on September 11th. 2001 in the United States
and indicated that “it is worrisome to think it all that could be a
conspiracy”, when he related President George Bush to the family Al Qaeda leader,
Osama Bin Laden.

In an event called “breaking the wall of silence” in Bolivar Square of
Caracas, Maduro said he considered “the historical relations of the family of
Bin Laden with the one of George Bush very suspicious. It is not a secret that George
Bush himself had businesses with the brother of Bin Laden”.

“Five years after September 11th.
a lot of answers are owed to humanity”, Maduro pointed out at a meeting with a
group of people present there.

He noted that on the five year commemoration of the attack on the Twin Towers,
“about that topic today, in the light of day, in the light of the time that has
gone by, it would seem humanity has more clarity about what happened, why it
happened, how it happened and what for. There is an open debate in the world,
in the international media and the national media”

He indicated that “there is a
debate in North American society about the events of 11-S, we encourage that
world-wide debate, we believe that sooner or later we will discover the truth.
The historical relations of the Bin Laden family with the family of George W.
Bush are very suspicious, we have permanently said it for several years,
product of the knowledge to which we have had access to by investigations of
journalists from several places of the world, which have managed to
successfully obtain information and reach very dangerous conclusions”.

Maduro affirmed that “it is
worrisome to think that all this could have been a great conspiracy against humanity,
somebody in the world must support this investigation, it has to be made
someday, an independent, international investigation that allows to discover
all the truth on the events of 11-S”.

According to the accusations by
Maduro, between the 11th. and the 14th. of September of
the 2001, the government of President Bush authorized private flights to fly
out of the territory of the United
States the whole family of Osama Bin Laden.
“Did you know that between the 11th. and the 14th. of September of the 2001, when flights were
prohibited, that airplanes would fly in the North American territory, dozens of
private airplanes were authorized so that they removed all of the Bin Laden
family from the North American territory”, he emphasized.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister stressed that the consequences of the
attack on the Twin Towers of the World
Trade Center,
“had as its immediate effect the beginning of the war of invasion of Afghanistan, the justification for the War in Iraq, the coup
d’etat against president Chávez on the 11th. and 12th. of
April, this means that it served as justification for all the international
policy of the terrorist clan that governs the United States”.

It called on Venezuelans to work to find the truth of these events and
so that the people of the United States
and the international community, know the reality and can confront the
government of the United
States. “

Finally, on apparent unrelated news, Minister of Finance Nelson Merentes, said
that the sharp jump of inflation
in the last four months (food was up 19.9%) was only due
to the seasonal increase in the price of
tomatoes and onions
and not on the excess monetary liquidity, demonstrating
that either Venezuelans have a horrible diet or the Government is simply full
of clowns. You be the judge…

Trying to find a bright side to all this, I am just glad to know Osama is not the enemy anymore…